Lady Gaga Actress Interview, Never Thought She'd Make It

Let’s face it, Lady Gaga is a bonafide superstar. She’s honestly amazing at everything she does. So, when Gaga actually confessed on the red carpet premiere of her FIRST FILM, A Star is Born, that she didn’t think she could make it as an actress, many people were understandably shook. As were we.

When talking to E! NewsGiuliana Rancic, the pop star actually revealed that before she even wanted to become a singer, she wanted to be an actress. But there was just one pesky thing that got in the way of her acting dreams: auditions.

“I couldn’t make it as an actress,” Gaga confessed. “I was bad at auditioning. I never got a job.” Auditions are tough, but you know what, we bet those casting directors are kicking themselves in the butt for passing up on the 32-year-old back then.

Anyway, aside from that shocking reveal, Lady Gaga managed to shock the world even more when this clip of her finding her angle on the carpet in under three seconds made the rounds on the internet.

Needless to say, fans were SHOOK. They also had some of the BEST responses to this move.

TBH, Cody actually made a great point and you know what? Taking one second to find your best angle is even more impressive than doing it in three seconds.

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