Kim Kardashian accused of Photoshopping Pete Davidson’s nose to make it smaller

Kim Kardashian has been accused by fans of Photoshopping Pete Davidson's nose in pictures to make it appear smaller – though it didn't seem to be particularly big in the first place.

The loved-up pair were spotted enjoying a late-night snack of pizza and Diet Coke while gazing at each other adoringly.

Kim, 41, posted the picture on Instagram but it wasn’t long before sharp-eyed fans noticed that something was amiss with her toy boy’s features.

Fans claimed that the 28-year-old’s nose seemed smaller and his jaw more chiselled.

An Instagram account that specialises in pointing out “discrepancies” in celebrities' photos – but does not directly accuse them of Photoshopping or cosmetic surgery – first raised some questions about the photo.

Then on Reddit, a lively discussion ensued.

"Pete definitely feels edited or maybe it’s just the stubble. Looks different in this picture though," wrote one user.

"She edited him beyond recognition. This is insane. Looks nothing like him," said another.

The Kardashians have been accused in the past of over-filtering and Photoshopping images of themselves to make them appear thinner or more contoured.

Meanwhile, Kim recently opened up about her relationship with comedian Pete and how they love exploring his hometown of Staten Island in New York in a “low-key” way.

Mum-of-four Kim told InStyle: “We had so much fun going to Staten Island. I wanted to check it out. We take ferry rides everywhere.

“We can just chill and be low-key, ride around and see all the fun hometown stuff and sneak in and out of places."

Kim also said that Pete, who she started dating after appearing on SNL, is “one of the most genuine people”.

She gushed: "I really didn't know much about him before. I saw him a few times at events and stuff like that. And had conversations with him.

"And he always seems super nice. But I just, I did not know much about him. Getting to know him, he is really, truly the nicest human being."

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