Katie Price tells off Carl Woods for scratching his scabby tattoo of her face

Katie Price had some stern words for her fiancé Carl Woods after he couldn't stop scratching at his tattoo scabs.

Carl, 32, had been scratching at his skin repeatedly after getting his second tattoo of Katie, which is an inking of the former glamour model's face.

His unimpressed other half Katie, 43, took to Instagram and told Carl off for all the itching, saying: "Please stop picking it! You were just telling me you scabbed it!"

Carl then snapped back "Will you stop telling me what to do?"

Katie then caught Carl red-handed (or red-armed) on camera as she filmed him taking off more scabs, and was quick to call him out on it.

She said: "I've just told you to stop doing it. And you're still doing it!"

Apparently the new ink had been troubling Carl as it had been hurting him, but clearly the pain wasn't enough to stop him going for the scabs.

However, Katie clearly saw the funny side of it and she posted about the incident with a set of cry-laughing face emojis, after the pair sounded like an adorable and bickering old married couple.

Carl was met with a lashing from online trolls after he revealed the sweet tattoo yesterday, with many slamming the appearance of the tattoo and claiming it looked more like Katie's glamour model rival Jodie Marsh, with some even suggesting it wasn't real.

The bold tattoo itself shows Katie's face and piercing green eyes covered by a hand – with a skeletal nose and teeth in the bottom half.

Katie and Jodie have been locked in a bitter online feud for almost two decades – with Jodie claiming Katie felt threatened by her rise to fame in the glamour modelling world.

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One trolling fan commented: "Jodie Marsh?"

A second agreed, penning: "I actually thought it was Jodie Marsh at first glance!"

A third then issued a scathing review, saying: "That's not a good tattoo. Looks nothing like her"

Another joined in, writing: "That ain't real."

However, other fans disagreed and came to the defence of Carl's sweet tribute ink for Katie, with one noting: "Green eyes like Katie."

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A second commented: "Love this!! It's Kate's beautiful eyes that's for sure!"

It was previously revealed the happy couple had gotten the huge tattoos of each other inked on their arms back in October.

The smitten pair proudly – who both got tattoos of each other's faces – unveiled their ink in a video posted to their Youtube channel – with Carl saying: "Now we've got matching cars, matching place and matching tattoos."

Katie also declared they'll be together "forever", and her and Carl even hinted at a future engagement during the sweet video.

Most recently, Katie and Carl have been away together in a lush villa in Malaga, Spain after hopping over to the amber-listed country from Turkey.

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