Jackass’ Steve-O wants ‘D-cup’ boob implants before smashing car into brick wall

In his next line of wild stunts, Jackass star Steve-O hopes to get “D-cup” breast implants and says he wants to keep them in for six months.

Steve-O developed a reputation as an adrenaline junkie by becoming a key member of the Jackass team, performing dangerous stunts for the entertainment of audiences and even once coming close to being eaten by a shark.

After the success of their long-awaited return to the big screen after 15 years, the daredevil group has confirmed that a TV show will follow.

And, in a recent episode of his podcast, Steve-O’s Wild Ride, the thrill seeker consulted Botched plastic surgeon Dr Terry Dubrow about his next plans to wow audiences with a significant body modification.

After a chat covering Terry’s career, the pair arrives on the topic of boob jobs when Steve-O asked his guest: “I’ve been dying to ask you about this, what can you tell me about men getting breast implants?”

The doctor was left slightly bemused, before the Jackass star went on to explain that he is plotting new stunts for his live tour.

“I’m at a point with all of my crazy antics that the bar is so high that I’m actually planning for my next tour,” he continued.

“And for my next tour I’ve decided that it’s called the ‘Steve-O’s Gone Too Far’ tour, and I’m just trying to be so crazy, and one of my ideas is to get breast implants.”

Steve-O described how he hoped to get the breast implants, filming the entire process for a few months before screening the event at one of his live shows to a shocked audience.

And, peeling off his shirt for the surgeon to inspect his pectorals, the thrill-seeker said that he hopes to keep the implants for roughly six months, adding: “I want to go as big as I can.”

Examining his prospective patient, Terry told Steve-O: “You have enough room, you could probably do a D or double D. If you keep it in for six months, that’s getting maybe past the point where your skin will retract.

“So you might want to do a C-cup, and then get them out after three to six months and you won’t have to have a skin-reducing procedure and a bunch of scars.”

Happy with this advice, Steve-O suggested: “Taking off my shirt and feeling good about it is part of my past.”

The pair continued to discuss the plans, coming to an agreement that if the procedure does go ahead, Terry will be the one to fix Steve-O’s body once the implants had been removed.

Before this, however, the TV star explained that he wanted to crash a car into a wall to test its air bags, and told the medical professional that he was worried about the impact this might have on his new body parts.

“I recently bought a smart car for the purpose of crashing it into a brick wall to make sure that the airbags work… After I get my boob job, I want to crash the car into a wall to do a fun bag test.”

But, Dr Terry reassured him: “They won’t get injured, breast implants are incredibly tough.”

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