Hear Eminem Join Jessie Reyez on Album Cut 'COFFIN'

Jessie Reyez has dropped her debut album, Before Love Came to Kill Us, and it includes a collaboration with Eminem.

The rapper joins Reyez on “COFFIN,” a slow burning, conflicted love song, which is the only feature on the album. Eminem jumps on a verse midway through the track, spitting, “I’m at the end of my wits, let’s end this/ Then begin again tomorrow/ Fresh start, let you spoil me/ Pledge your loyalty, treat me like a king/ Just to fuck me over royally/ Boy, are we water mixed with oil.”

“So, I’m conflicted,” Reyez wrote on Instagram earlier this month in response to whether she should release the album during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The whole premise of building this album was to make something that made people think about their mortality. Now it seems like a theme song to what’s happening irl.”

She added, “I’ve reached out for advice; the general consensus is ‘drop it.’ I put everything into this, I even pulled it down from the pre order to make changes because I needed to make sure I was passionate and proud of it – not the label, not my managers – me. So I did. If we drop now and the world ends tomorrow, at least my art was authentic.”

Reyez previously paired up with Eminem on “Good Guy,” a single off Kamikaze, in 2018. Reyez’s 2018 EP, Being Human in Public, was nominated at the 62nd Grammy Awards for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

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