Gorillaz Return to Plastic Beach in "The Lost Chord” Music Video

Gorillaz have shared a music video for their Song Machine Season 1 finale “The Lost Chord,” which features Leee John as a special guest.

The visual sees 2D, Noodle, Russel and Murdoc return to Plastic Beach — the title and the setting of their 2010 studio album — but are attacked by John who appears as a monster from the deep sea. The entire island is destroyed and sees its demise, leaving the group panicking on top a sinking tower. Thankfully, a blue portal appears right in front of them and they jump into whatever is on the other side of that portal, leaving fans to hope that they’re in a much safer environment.

Although their home is destroyed, Damon Albarn revealed earlier this year that a sequel to Plastic Beach could be in the works. While he’s taking that into consideration, however, fans can look forward to a feature film surrounding Song Machine.

Watch Gorillaz and Leee John’s “The Lost Chord” visual above.

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