Gordon Ramsay ‘upset’ as Strictly star daughter Tilly gets ‘new dance partner’

Gordon Ramsay is said to be "really upset" after finding out that his Strictly star daughter has a new dance partner.

Tilly has claimed her famous dad wasn't fussed on her getting "a new dance partner", as the father and daughter duo usually make dancing videos together.

This comes as Tilly gears up to compete on Strictly Come Dancing 2021 and has since been paired with pro dancer Nikita Kuzmin.

Tilly, 19, revealed an insight into her dad Gordon's reaction to her being partnered up with Nikita, 23, on Strictly and said he was less than impressed.

The couple's pairings were showcased on Strictly’s launch show last weekend, during which she shared the news with the angry chef on a FaceTime call.

Tilly also shared that Gordon didn't seem to please with the announcement while behind-the-scenes.

During lockdown, Tilly and Gordon kept busy by entertaining TikTok users with their funky and comical dance routines.

On the show, TV presenter Tilly said: “I think it’d be great to see him dance [on the show].

“He’s actually really upset that I’ve got a new dance partner.”

The Strictly star also told Radio Times that despite moving on to Nikita she still plans on grooving with Gordon,

She revealed that he asked her: "‘But you will still dance with me?’ And I’m like, ‘Maybe you’ll have to go and find a dance partner, Dad’.”

The young star also went on to detail her parents’ thoughts about her upcoming performances with Nikita.

She said of her mum Tana Ramsay: “I think my mum is really nervous, but excited — and just trying to show the excited part.

Tilly also went on to state that dad Gordon was over-the-moon excited.

She added: "Honestly, every day, without fail, I wake up to him calling me, playing the Strictly theme tune and trying to dance around my room, and I’m like, ‘No, stop!’

“It’s sweet the first couple of times, but when it gets to a couple of months in, you’re like, ‘Please, stop!’”

The all-dancing programme showed a glimpse of Gordon being introduced to his daughter’s new dance partner during the Strictly launch and filmed Tilly during their video call.

She could be heard saying “Dad, meet Nikita,” as she introduced them both.

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