GMB’s Kate Garraway begs Sky for help after being ‘isolated with no TV or WiFi’

Kate Garraway faces another Christmas setback which has see her having no internet and television for the last three days.

After trying to gain a response from Sky, with no such luck, Kate took measures into her own hands and fired off a tweet pleading for her Wifi providers to assist.

Kate told Sky that if she was forced to spend Christmas without connectivity, it would be the "final straw" for the family, who have already endured so much this year.

Firstly, the family was confronted by the devastating effects of coronavirus when Kate's husband Derek Draper contracted the disease.

He has been in hospital ever since, being in a coma after it affected his body so badly.

Kate's family car was also stolen, just to add further insult to injury – and now she has been having internet and television issues.

Wanting to make sure that her family, including kids Darcey and William, will be able to chill in front of the television this Christmas, Kate begged for help on her official Twitter account.

Desperate for help, she wrote: "Hi @skytv – I really hate to do this but can't get through to anyone on phone for last three days – am sure you are frantic – but please can someone get in touch.

"We have no TV or WiFi for kids and me not having that in isolation, over Christmas feels like final straw."

After posting, Kate was met with a flurry of fans who urged Sky to fix the problem for the Good Morning Britain host, who has had a hell of a year.

Like many across the UK, Kate was given more bad news after the government plunged London and the South East into Tier 4 – leaving Kate unsure if she'll be able to bubble up with husband Derek on Christmas day.

Derek, 53, was taken into intensive care after he contracted Covid-19 at the very start of the pandemic.

Derek miraculously managed to fend off the disease, that left him reliant on ventilation support, after all of his vital organs shut down.

Kate's husband still remains in hospital and is not out of the danger zone yet, however he is out of his coma.

Last week Kate told her Good Morning Britain peers that Christmas was now up in the air as she had hoped Derek's parents would visit him.

She said: "I'm finding it really challenging, I know it's the slightly unique position I'm in but it's also not…

"Obviously my dream is for the children and I to see Derek on Christmas Day in some way. The practical challenges with that is we have to keep really safe in order to be able to visit him and isolate."

Daily Star has contacted Sky for comment.

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