Emily Atack bombarded with sick sexual messages after photo taken out of context

Emily Atack has spoken out against online “perverts” that have bombarded her with inappropriate messages since a picture circulated online.

The actress had shared an innocent picture of herself in the back of a taxi, wearing a pair of black sunglasses and a green sundress covered in white spots, when the sexual message began flooding in.

The snap was reposted on the Fake Taxi website and Twitter profile, an adult content show that takes place in a taxi.

One user shared the picture with the caption: “Looks like Charlotte from The Inbetweeners has had quite a dramatic career change.”

The repost implied that the 32-year-old had intentionally posed for the X-rated website, which resulted in an onslaught of messages from trolls.

She took to Instagram to call out the senders: “Oh good, so this photo is now on the actual Fake Taxi Twitter and website. Excellent, no really, that's great.

“Trying to have a wholesome Sunday and I'm being bombarded with perverts asking if I'd ‘like to accidentally take a wrong turn into the woods’. Go iron your kid’s school uniforms, you p***ks.”

Emily has been the recipient of frequent comments from online trolls throughout her career.

She has previously been asked whether she was pregnant by a harsh commenter who asked the star whether she was “expecting a baby”, while another told her she had “s*** clothes” and that she was an “alcoholic”.

In an effort to take a stand against the keyboard warriors, Emily often names and shames her abusers.

The comedian told The Sun that she has “lost count” of the number of times she’s been online and felt “completely winded” by what someone has written about her or sent to her personally.

She said that the “countless levels” of abuse have become “increasingly sexualised,” ranging from “rape threats” to “brutal and misogynistic” remarks about her body.

Atack launched #EndCyberflashing with Grazia Magazine in an attempt to “make unwanted sexually explicit abuse a crime” and has been highly praised for her philanthropic efforts.

She said: "So much more needs to be done to stop these vile abusers. They certainly wouldn't get away with saying these sorts of things if they saw me on the street. There needs to be tougher penalties, the threat of prison needs to be enforced.”

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