Elvis ‘hated’ John Lennon: The King always ‘flew into a rage’ at the Beatles star’s name

The Beatles discuss meeting Elvis

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They were two of the biggest stars in the entire history of music. They only met once, at Lennon’s urging, but it ended badly with both sides disappointed with each other. However, Elvis also felt mocked and disrespected. He never forgot his fury and would erupt in anger at the mere mention of the Beatles legend. He even went all the way to the President of the United States to ask for Lennon to be banned from the country. Tom Jones revealed how his own run-in with his fellow Brit impressed The King.

Although the Beatles were the biggest band in the world by the time they met Elvis, like everyone else they still hero-worshipped him. Lennon pressed their managers and agents to try and set up a meeting when the band toured the US.

It finally took place on August 28, 1965, arranged by journalist and PR, Chris Hutchins, but it all went horribly wrong and The King never forgave or forgot. He would “fly into a rage” every time Lennon’s name was mentioned.

A few years later, Elvis became close friends with Tom Jones when they both had shows in Las Vegas. He was delighted with the Welsh star’s recollection of how he had almost hit Lennon the first time they had met.

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