Elon Musk Slammed by Rocker Dave Davies as Twitter Flags His Band’s Moniker The Kinks

The Tesla boss is under fire online as his social media site has begun mislabeling The Kinks’ contents as ‘sensitive content’ because of their band’s name.

AceShowbizThe KinksDave Davies has taken Twitter boss Elon Musk to task after the social media site started mislabeling the band’s updates as “sensitive content.” Guitarist Dave has written a series of angry messages as the veteran rockers were trying to promote their latest musical project on Twitter but their tweets were blocked after bots seemingly took issue with the group’s name and added warning messages to their posts.

“Dear @elonmusk would @twitter please stop putting warnings on everything from ‘the Kinks’. We are just trying to promote our Kinks music,” he wrote. Dave went on to give the tech billionaire a music history lesson, writing, “The Kinks are a brand name. We have been called the Kinks since 1963.”

One of Dave’s followers went on to point out the warning message was still appearing, writing, “By the way. Though they said the warning was removed on appeal … it’s still there.” The tweet prompted another furious response from Dave, who wrote, “That’s impossible. The word robot should be banned. We got robots running our lives. At least I’m a Kink and not a f****** robot.”

Another fan posted a plea to Musk using a reference to The Kinks’ 1981 album “Give the People What They Want”, writing, “C’mon @elonmusk – Give The People What They Want!” and Dave replied, “Give the people what Elon Musk wants.”

The band is currently trying to promote the upcoming release of “The Journey – Part 1” – an anthology of their songs compiled to celebrate the band’s 60th anniversary. The album will be released on vinyl and on CD on March 24.

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