David Bowie daughter: How old is Lexi Jones? What is Bowie’s daughter doing now?

David Bowie married his first wife Angie in 1970 and the couple had son Duncan Jones. After the couple’s divorce in 1980, Bowie married Ethiopian model Iman in 1992. The two had daughter Alexandria together and the singer also adopted Iman’s daughter Zulekha. But how old is Lexi now, and what is she doing?

How old is Lexi Jones? What is she doing now?

Bowie’s second child Alexandria ‘Lexi’ Jones was born in New York City on August 15, 2000, making her 19 years old.

Being a man who was always very private, Bowie ensured little was known about Lexi.

However, as she became older and started running her own social media accounts, more and more has been revealed.

Lexi and her mother Iman have tattoos dedicated to Bowie.

The 19-year-old’s commemorates her father’s life with a decorative crescent moon and the words ‘Daddy xx 1947-2016’.

Her mother’s tattoo is a dagger on her ankle with the word David, showing their devotion to their dearly departed father and husband.

Lexi is also an artist and uses her Instagram to showcase some of her work and even sell some images, as well as graphic art on denim.

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Her Instagram links to a DePop account, where she has sold artwork for up to $200.

She has also posted a series of selfies, with many thinking she may walk in her mother’s footsteps and become a model.

However, Iman has spoken out about her reluctance to let her daughter walk the same road.

Speaking to W magazine in 2018, Iman said: “She says I am overprotective. But I told her, ‘This can all wait, it isn’t going anywhere.


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“‘Have a life that is private while you can, because one day soon it is going to be public, so enjoy this.’

“Every agency, every designer, called me to say, ‘If she wants to, we’d love for her to model for us.’

“I said, ‘No, she doesn’t.’ I know why they wanted to her to model. It’s because she is David Bowie’s daughter.”

Other than Lexi, Bowie had a son, Zowie, with his first wife Angie on May 30, 1971.

Zowie is now widely known as Duncan Jones and is a film director, having made films Moon, Source Code and Warcraft.

When Zowie was just eight-years-old, in 1980, Angie and Bowie divorced, and the singer had full custody of his son.

Bowie also took on a step-daughter, Zulekha Haywood, who was born to Iman and her former husband Spencer Haywood in 1978.

Sadly, Lexi and Duncan lost their dad in January 2016 when he died of liver cancer.

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