DaBaby Assures He Wasn’t in Vicinity After His Video Shoot Ended in Gunfire

According to a witness, a woman has been taken to a nearby hospital due to an injury that was caused by the incident, though there are currently no words on her condition.

AceShowbizDaBaby‘s recent music video shooting in North Carolina did not end as everyone in the crew probably hoped for. Instead of wrapping up the shooting without any problems, the shooting reportedly ended abruptly after a gunfire erupted nearby the location. Footage of what happened during the incident has also made its way round online.

In one of the clips, cars were seen speeding up and down the road and a dozen people gathered in a crowd when all of sudden several shots went off. Another clip showed police approaching the scene where a seemingly injured woman was lying on the ground. The man behind the camera could be heard saying, “They hit the lady, man. They was shootin’ at us and shot a muthaf**kin’ lady … she ain’t die on the scene.”

He continued, “I hope that lady makes it to the hospital and survives. Bitch ass n***as. Police, too, I ain’t trustin’ none of these n***as.”

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Following the incident, DaBaby took to his Instagram account to assure his fans that he was not in the vicinity when the shooting took place. He also used this opportunity to promote his new music video. “I wasn’t there for the ‘shootout’ I’m hearing bout,” he said on the photo-sharing site, alongside a video that seemed to be from his upcoming visuals. “I do got a new video on the way tho.”

His attorney doubled down on his statement while speaking to TMZ, telling the publication that the shootout indeed took place near his music video shooting location. However, the rapper nor any of the crews were related to that. His attorney additionally told the news site that DaBaby “sends his heartfelt prayers to anyone injured or otherwise adversely affected as a result of this shooting incident.”

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