Brothers Boy Bands, Famous Sibling Musicians, Twin Singers

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No matter what year it is, there always seems to be a boy band that reigns supreme. Right now, BTS is totally dominating the music industry. The K-pop group might have some competition with PRETTYMUCH and Why Don’t We also killin’ it, but let’s be real… no one can top BTS’s worldwide fanbase! The group recently won Choice International Artist and Choice Fandom at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards, and it beat Taylor Swift for the biggest YouTube music-video debut ever!

BTS might be the modern incarnation of a boy band, but back in the day there were TONS — the Jonas Brothers, the Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block and many more! And though we’re sure all the boy-band members feel like brothers, some are actual, literal blood siblings! Click through the slideshow to see all the famous bros who were (or still are!!!) in a boy band together:

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