Brian May: ‘We didn’t want Queen without Freddie Mercury’ until ‘miracle’ Paul Rodgers

Brian May guest stars in CBBC show Andy and the Band

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Following Freddie Mercury’s death and John Deacon’s retirement, it looked like Queen was over. Brian May and Roger Taylor enjoyed performing the odd show together but didn’t expect they could tour as their band ever again. In this week’s episode of Queen The Greatest, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins said: “I always held out hope, because Brian and Roger, you don’t want to keep that Lamborghini in the garage. You got to drive that f*****g car every once in a while. So I was hoping that they would find someone.”

Brian May shared: “We’ve done odd gigs as Queen, in a sense, using guest artists. It was just, I remember saying not many months ago when somebody said, ‘Can you do a Queen tour, can you call it Queen?’ And I said, ‘Well, no, not really. Not barring a miracle. If there’s a miracle that we find the right person to sing, then yes.’ Even though we were proud of what we’d done, we didn’t want to go out there and be Queen again without Freddie. And it happened almost by accident at an awards show.”

In 2004, the Queen guitarist performed on stage with Paul Rodgers, one of Freddie’s favourite singers, at the 50th anniversary Fender Stratocaster show in London.

The 74-year-old remembered: “I played with Paul Rodgers, who was a hero of ours, and I remember coming off stage and Paul’s lady said, ‘Oh, you guys seem to really have a great chemistry. All you need is a drummer’. And I went, ‘Well, I think I know a drummer!’”

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