Boiler Room's Latest Initiative Creates New Revenue for DJs and Artists

Did you miss out on Ben Klock’s first ever Berlin Boiler Room set? Now you can relive the experience thanks to Boiler Room’s new initiative with Apple Music. The iconic music and nightlife platform will be bringing its most iconic sets to Apple Music, unloading 10 years of techno and electronica beats to fans around the world.

As Boiler Room announced on Twitter last week, Apple Music subscribers can now access more than 200 recordings from the past 10 years. But that in of itself isn’t the key part of the new partnership. After all, plenty of Boiler Room sets are available to stream from the group’s YouTube channel. What makes the Apple Music deal different is that Boiler Room states 100 percent of the royalties from the streams will go to the rights holders, which means revenue for not only DJs, but also artists, producers and songwriters.

With music tours and performances on hold as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many independent musicians have struggled to maintain streams of income. The nightlife world as a well has also had to contend with how to keep their communities engaged in times of social distancing measures.

Tune in each week to Boiler Room Radio on Apple Music 1 for new sets from the archive, with Boiler Room will also sharing interviews with the DJs and artists featured in the streams. Head to Apple Music for more info.

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