Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X record epic Old Town Road remix

Is this country enough?

After Lil Nas X’s viral hit “Old Town Road” was removed from the Billboard’s Hot Country chart (it’s at No. 15 on the Hot 100) because it apparently “does not embrace enough elements of today’s country music to chart in its current version,” the 19-year-old rapper went out and got Billy Ray Cyrus for the remix — and the country legend killed it.

The collaboration seemed destined to happen. Back in December, Lil Nas X shared a video of himself listening to “Old Town Road” and wrote, “twitter please help me get billy ray cyrus on this.” And after the controversy with Billboard, Cyrus tweeted at the rapper, “Been watching everything going on with OTR. When I got thrown off the charts, Waylon Jennings said to me ‘Take this as a compliment’ means you’re doing something great! Only Outlaws are outlawed. Welcome to the club!”

The internet — including Miley Cyrus — has been going nuts since the release of the track, anointing Cyrus as the “hero of the music world.” Read on for the best reactions, and then go listen to another epic rap-country collab: 2004’s classic “Over and Over” from Nelly and Tim McGraw.

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