BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty admits she was expelled for phallic drawings

BBC Breakfast star Naga Munchetty has revealed the reason why she was expelled from school when she was younger.

She appeared on Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains and unexpectedly admitted that she was kicked out of school for a very naughty reason.

Naga explained: "It was the last day of school and it’s when you cut loose and you all sign each other’s shirts on the last day of school. We would draw pictures, so I got expelled for…"

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She then interrupted herself and said: "We’d draw big penises and boobs and periods on the shirts."

The audience and her co-stars were in tears at her comment before Rhod joked that everyone was "obsessed with drawing c*** and b****" when they were teenagers.

Munchetty’s comment came after she revealed that she’d had a hard time in school.

She opened up about her education on the Comedy Central show but it appeared her personal life was where she struggled most.

Naga explained: "So [I was] a straight A student, the teachers did like me. You know, a musician, lar-dee-dah, so really annoying, right? But no-one fancied me."

Rhod couldn’t believe his ears and Naga was forced to repeat herself to the comedian presenter.

Naga now works as a presenter for BBC Breakfast and is a beloved member of the team, but one incident left her unable to continue her job.

The star was hosting the show with co-star Charlie Stayt when she had to leave halfway through the show.

The 47-year-old had started to sound a little hoarse before she disappeared off the sofa for good.

Stayt informed viewers that she had “stepped away” for a moment as she’d experienced "a slight struggle with her voice".

Fans rushed to Twitter to share their support and one wished her "get well soon" while another hoped she would return to full health and to the show.

Another disappointed viewer was sad to see her go as they were "looking forward to their Friday fix" of Naga on the BBC Breakfast sofa.

Despite their pleas, Charlie continued on with the show alone and Naga did not make an appearance again.


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