Avril Lavigne drops biting new song, teases album – LISTEN

Avril Lavigne makes TikTok debut with Tony Hawk

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The Princess of Pop Punk has recently been in the charts with WILLOW, but now she’s back working on her own music. Earlier this month the star revealed on her Instagram account that she had recently signed to Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker’s record label, DTA Records, before asking her fans: “Should I drop my first single next week?”


Now, that single has arrived.

Avril has released Bite Me on her YouTube channel, revealing what she has been working on for some time.

The brutal lyrics tell of a woman scorned, as she yells: “You shoulda known better better to f**k with someone like me / Forever and ever you’re going to wish I was your wifey.”

After releasing the song, the 37-year-old wrote on her Instagram account: “I’m so f*****g excited to be releasing new music.”

Going on to tease her upcoming album, she added: “I had so much fun making this record. This is just a taste of what’s to come.”


Avril recently spoke in more detail about her new single.

She said Bite Me is a “super sassy” track “about someone who wants a second chance”.

The Canadian star went on: “But they f****d up so royally they’re kinda not really worth your time, and they realise after the fact that you had a really good thing going on, and you’re sort of the one that got away.”

She added: “It’s a song about self-worth and standing up for yourself and just being like: ‘You didn’t treat me right. You didn’t treat me well, and that doesn’t work for me… so baby, you can bite me.'” (Via Alt 92.3)

Avril has been teasing an upcoming album – but she has yet to reveal when it is coming out.

The Sk8er Boi singer has also refrained from telling her fans what its title is.

However, she assured fans: “The majority of the record is fast, in your face.

“It’s the most alternative record front to back that I’ve ever made. I just really didn’t want any ballads, I just wanted rock and roll and pop-punk.”

Avril Lavigne teases her new single Head Above Water

Avril first made waves on the music scene when she released her 2002 hit Sk8er Boi.

The track sold more than 1.8 million copies worldwide and reached number one in the USA.

She last released an album in 2019 titled Head Above Water.

The record received a number of mixed reviews, with The Guardian awarding it two stars out of five, while The Independent gave it three.


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