25 Things About Anna Kendrick Fans Might Not Know

It seems like the whole world has been crushing on actress Anna Kendrick the moment she stole the show from George Clooney in the comedy Up In The Air. And who can forget her hilarious turn in all the Pitch Perfect movies? Yep, Kendrick is not only known for being insanely talented but also, affable, approachable and, above all, wickedly funny. If you’re having a bad day, just read Kendrick’s tweets and you’re bound to feel better. Like this one: “Can we drop the pretense of ‘President’s Day’ and just call it ‘I needed a long weekend because Valentine’s Day is garbage?'”

She seems totally down-to-earth, like when she kept telling the press that she doesn’t think she’s all that pretty! The thing is, people ultimately want to be her BFF because of her relatability.  She even cares about her loyal fans and loves that they accept her unfiltered tweets. When asked if parents whose teens follow her get mad at her for her non-PC tweets, she bluntly said, “I find that the weirder I go, the happier I am, and the happier my followers are. When I think of a silly thing to say and then try to find the PG version, it’s just, like, a waste of everybody’s time.”

She was only 12 when she was nominated for a Tony award. For her first major film, Up in the Air, she was nominated for an Academy Award. She proved she could open a movie and sing with the Pitch Perfect movies. What else? There’s so much more we’d like to share about her. And there’s so much you may not know about. That’s why we composed this list of 25 things about Anna Kendrick fans might not know. But one thing before you read on: Kendrick is just plain cool. Everyone thinks so. And you can Google that too!

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25 The Role That Made Her A Star

While Anna Kendrick appeared in the Twilight Saga starting in 2008, her breakout role was in 2009, when she starred in the comedy-drama Up in the Air. For this first hit, she had to act with George Clooney, which must have been an experience for Kendrick. Nevertheless, the role made her an instant star and her performance was so successful that she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress right out of the gate. She was only 24 at the time!

24 Her Guilty Pleasure

Kendrick’s fast food of choice is Taco Bell. She admitted this little-known fact during her appearance on Conan O’Brien and while being interviewed by Anderson Cooper. She said, “It’s a dirty thing that I love Taco Bell so much. . . . I cannot eat Taco Bell before midnight. It’s a reverse gremlins thing. It has to be under cover of darkness in my car … I drive out of my way to get to the one with the drive-thru so I don’t have to go inside, and then I’ll just eat it in the parking lot in my car.”

23 Box-Office Success Makes Her An A-List Star

Anna Kendrick proved that she was not only a serious actress, but also someone who can star in a big box-office movie. That was Pitch Perfect, which was a bona fide hit earning $65 mill, according to Box Office Mojo. Of course there was a sequel, as well as another film in 2017. The second Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2 made more money than the first (this is unheard of) with a total gross of $184,296,230. Pitch Perfect 3 was also a success and earned $104,897,530 at the box office. She clearly knows which roles to pick!

22 Her Turn In The Twilight Saga Gave Her Even More Exposure

Right after her success with Up In The Air, and before the Pitch Perfect movies that made Kendrick one of the most successful actresses of all time, she had a supporting role in the Twilight trilogy, Twilight (2008), New Moon (2009) and Eclipse (2010). She played the friend of Bella, a girl who falls in love with a vampire. The Twilight movies, adaptations of writer Stephanie Meyer’s teenage vampire novels, gave Kendrick more exposure in Hollywood, as the series was an international sensation that became hugely popular at the movies.

21 Her Hometown Is An Arts Haven

Did you know that Anna Kendrick was born, and grew up in, Portland, Maine? That’s actually the best place for a young Kendrick to be, as Portland is known for supporting the arts with its many galleries and its coffeehouses full of open-mic nights. The fisherman’s town is also home to Maine College of Art, and the cobblestone streets and the small mom-and-pop shops and the water right nearby, makes Portland an idyllic place to live.

20 Her Tweets Make Her Entirely Relatable

Many celebs post on Twitter, but few catch our eye as they write about their latest film, and lay on the promotion of their movie so thick we want to unfollow them. But Kendrick is different. That’s because she seems down-to-earth. We don’t know if this is fact, but her tweets are funny and self-deprecating, making her look really relatable. Here’s one:  “Sometimes the only reason I leave my house is so when someone asks about my day I don’t have to say ‘Netflix and avoiding responsibilities”. She also once tweeted a pic of herself eating a fast food burger at an Oscar party. She’s so unfiltered. We love it! (Source: RuinMyWeek)

19 A Hot Dog Was Named After Her

It’s very rare when a celeb has a food named after him or her. Anna Kendrick was so popular that Hot Doug in Chicago named a spicy hot dog after her. Before Kendrick, the hot dog was formerly known as the Keira Knightley, the Jennifer Garner, and the Britney Spears. Kendrick was so ecstatic about her hot dog that she visited the restaurant itself and actually ate the dog.  She said, “Just had a hot dog called the ‘Anna Kendrick’. . . My mouth is still burning. Awesome awesome awesome!!” Hot Doug eventually changed its Kendrick dog to another name, so her fame as food was fleeting! (Source: Zimbio)

18 Never Been Kissed

Despite starring in many roles, it was only at 25 when Kendrick had an onscreen romance in the film 50/50 opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But it never bloomed, and was only teased in the movie. In fact, the writer shied away from the two kissing. He said, “We very much resisted them kissing. The movie is not a love story. It’s about a guy’s battle with cancer. If it turned into a love story at the end, we would be betraying what the movie is about. That kiss is the start of another movie.”

17 She Was The Third-Youngest Tony Awards Nominee

Pitch Perfect revealed that Anna Kendrick was pitch perfect. We wonder where she learned to sing. As it turns out, the Pitch Perfect movies were not the first time Kendrick showcased her voice. She began her career as a child actor in theater. She hit it out of the ballpark with her debut, the 1998 Broadway musical High Society, which earned her a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress In A Musical. At 12, she was so young! And then in her film debut, the musical comedy Camp in 2003, she sang again.

16 She Doesn’t Think She’s Pretty

Kendrick is one of the most beautiful actresses working in Hollywood for some time now. And yet she doesn’t consider herself pretty. See, even actresses have their own insecurities about how attractive they are! She said,  “Okay, I am happy with the way I look, but I have never, never, ever thought of myself as a ‘pretty girl.’ Honestly. When I read some of these scripts I’m sent, and they describe the heroine as ‘incredibly beautiful,’ I wonder why they sent it to me.” (Source: SheKnows)

15 She Thinks Cinderella Is More Complex Than You Think

When Kendrick played Cinderella in the hit Into The Woods, she revealed that her character was not some cardboard cut out but rather a complex woman. She said, “The character is thoughtful and complicated. You see what happens after she marries the prince, when you start to face problems in seemingly perfect situations. The interesting thing about her is she overthinks things, she’s uncertain – we don’t see that in most versions. In a lot of ways, I think it’s this incredibly brave story. She’s neglected and abused her entire life she finally gets love and it’s not the kind of love she was looking for, and she stands up for herself.”

14 She Fears Not Working

Did you know that Anna Kendrick doesn’t want to stop working? She also doesn’t want or need a break. She said she has fears that if she doesn’t make movies, eventually she won’t get the choice scripts that she gets right now. She said, “Mostly it’s the fear that the wolves are always at your heels and you’re going to be tossed out into the street. If you grow up middle class, you just always feel like you’ve got to be working, because otherwise you won’t be able to pay the rent.” (Source: MarieClaire)

13 She Feared A Break In Schedule And Instead Ended Up Writing A  Book

So Kendrick is a workaholic. Since 2009, according to net-a-porter.com, she has worked on an average of 5 movies a year. That’s crazy! But she once had some downtime. It wasn’t by choice. It was due to a rescheduling of Pitch Perfect 3 when the break came, which she didn’t necessarily want. But, “The world didn’t come crashing down, so that’s a lesson that I don’t need to be working every day.” But like the true workaholic, she ended up writing a book, the best selling Scrappy Little Nobody. So her break was well spent! (Source: Net-A-Porter)

12 She Once Dumped A Boyfriend Because He Tickled Her

Kendrick revealed that she once dated a guy who liked to tickle her. But that was outside her comfort zone and she didn’t like it. She said, He thought that it was really dumb that I had a problem with being tickled and did it anyway.” She added, [So] I broke up with him. That he would tell his friends, ‘Oh, she broke up with me, because I tickled her. What a psycho.’ I just had to go, ‘No, I broke up with you because I told you something was important to me, and you didn’t respect that.’ Yep, she’s totally secure in her desires! (Source: Elle)

11 She Wished Pitch Perfect Didn’t Have To End

Kendrick was saddened when Pitch Perfect–the 3rd version–was intended to be the last in the trilogy and secretly had “hope” that another would be made, and that her co-stars felt the same way. She said, “We got especially close on the third one. I just feel so proud. It’s such a diverse group. I think I didn’t fully appreciate until the third one how rare it is to work with ten women from such different backgrounds. We’re close in age, but we have such different points of view and such different senses of humor. I feel very lucky.” (Source: Elle)

10 If She Was On A Desert Island, This Is The Book She’d Bring Along

If you were on a desert island, which books would you take with you? That’s the question that Kendrick had to answer for an interview. Most actresses and actors would lie and say a book makes them look smart. You know, “I’m reading The Collected Poems of T.S. Eliot.” Kendrick would’ve said Crime and Punishment to sound well-read, but she’s so down to earth and above lying that she said, “But let’s be real, I don’t want [Crime], so I’ll say the Game of Thrones series. There are so many characters I often forget what’s going on, so I could read them with fresh eyes every time.” (Source: CNTraveller)

9 Acting Helps Learning About Herself And Others

Looking back, Kendrick doesn’t remember a time before she wanted to get into acting. “I can’t now say what it was that originally drew me to performing, because it’s very possible that at 6 it was just that I wanted people to be looking at me and paying attention to me,” she said. “Then it sort of transformed into something that was really meaningful for me. It became the way that I learn about myself and the way that I learn about other people. (Source: NPR)

8 The Part Was Hers Even Before Her Audition

There’s no doubt Up In The Air made Kendrick a star, but like the rest of the actresses,  she had to audition for the part of Natalie, a corporate downsizing specialist. But little did she know that the part was hers before she even auditioned! She said, “I auditioned. Good old-fashioned auditioning, can you believe it? But after I auditioned, I did find out that the director had written the role for me after seeing me in . . . Rocket Science. But I still had to audition because it’s a movie with George Clooney and it was a great script. . . so I guess every [actress] had auditioned. Little did I realize when I auditioned, I already had the approval of the director.”

7 She Will Never Be Taylor Swift

Humor, comedy, sarcasm, cynicism and irony: these are all things that make up Kendrick’s personality and which she can’t switch off. She said, “I could play Madame Bovary and I’d still end up being dry and cynical.” She also says she’s glad that fans know her reputation, saying she’s lucky that “when I’m snarky with people, they know that’s just how I communicate. I’d be terrible at being like Taylor Swift, the perfect Miss America version of interacting with fans and making sure they have a good experience. I mean, I don’t want people to meet me and have it [muck] up their day, but I’m glad I can say something weird to them and they know that’s just me.”

6 A Big Musical Voice That Helped Her Assert Herself

Did you know that Kendrick is very short, 5 feet, 2 inches? Many people don’t know that because she has such a big voice. In an interview with Terry Gross, Gross reminded Kendrick of it and asked her, “When you auditioned were people always surprised to see the big voice coming out of the little kid?” Kendrick said, “I always got that comment. . . I chose to take [it] as a compliment. . .  And I did always wonder if I kind of cultivated a big voice intentionally, you know, like a roar, you know, to assert myself in some space in the world. (Source: NPR)

5 The Reason Why She Wrote A Book

Kendrick probably wouldn’t have written Scrappy Little Nobody if it hadn’t been suggested to her from “people from the publishing world,” she said. “And then, [they] told me they thought I could write a book based on Twitter and one piece I wrote for Vogue.com, [and] I was like, Well, they must know what they’re talking about! These are full-grown adults! I’ll trust them. And then, occasionally, you have these moments of clarity where you’re like, We’re all pretending! None of us know what we’re doing. And in those moments I’m like: Why did I say I’d write a book?” Ah, but the book was a best seller! (Source: Vogue)

4 She Doesn’t Want To Be Saved By Men, She Wants To Save Men

Kendrick may or may not know it, but her comment about saving the men is very feminist in nature and a very good thing for girls to know. When she was young, she and her friends would “dream about saving boys from falling off cliffs — not the other way around. But we would whisper these fantasies to each other, as though we weren’t supposed to be daydreaming about being the savior. We were supposed to be daydreaming about being saved. . . I think that that instinct exists in girls, and it’s nice to acknowledge that that’s normal.” (Source: Vogue)

3 She’s Lucky To Have Not Been Typecast

Actors never want to be typecast. Certainly, Kendrick is one of them. And yet she’s made several big movie musicals before she turned 30. So what’s the deal? She told Time, “It occurred to me that maybe doing four musicals was not a great career plan. After doing Pitch Perfect, I didn’t expect to do other musicals, but then I was offered The Last Five Years and Into the Woods. . . So obviously I wasn’t going to be like, “Oh I’m trying to really stay away from musicals right now, so thanks but I’ll pass. . . [But] when certain opportunities come along you throw the rules out the window.”

2 Her Unfiltered Tweets Hasn’t Made Her Lose Fans

Did you know how unfiltered Kendrick is while on Twitter? She’s not very PC and she may make parents whose kids follow her mad.  She once said that was her very concern when she started tweeting. However, she told Time, ” I find that the weirder I go, the happier I am, and the happier my followers are. When I think of a silly thing to say and then try to find the PG version, it’s just, like, a waste of everybody’s time. So yes. I worry that a parent is going to get mad. But I don’t know. I mean, I saw Pulp Fiction when I was 11, and I turned out okay. I think my followers can handle it.”

1 She Loves Kraft Mac & Cheese

Did you know that of all the food out there, Kendrick loves Kraft Mac & Cheese the most? She’s such a fan that she’d like to sing “a song about making everything from homemade macaroni and cheese with bacon and lobster to just your average Easy Mac.”  She explained on Instagram: “So, I eat so much Mac&Cheese that Kraft sent me a . . . solid gold macaroni necklace. Hands down the best swag I’ve ever gotten.” She added, “I live for macaroni and cheese!” Kraft needs to send her more. Like a big fat endorsement check. (Source: EpiCurious)

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