10 Weird Rules Mark Zuckerberg Follows To Achieve Success

All successful people have weird rules they claimed to have followed to reach the top of the social ladder and Mark Zuckerberg is no different. He has laid out ten rules he has followed during the span of his career which he claims have taken him to the top. These rules may sound outlandish or even silly, but apparently, they worked for him.

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You might be skeptical of how these rules could help you succeed in the world of business or even at life, but Zuckerberg claims they are the key to his success. You might relate to some and others may leave you questioning his sanity. Keep reading to learn about the ten weird rules Mark Zuckerberg follows to achieve success!

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10 Feedback Is Important

Many people prefer not to have feedback, as much of it can be criticism. Zuckerberg tells us not to be afraid of this stigma and take a leap of faith that with some corrections we can become better. He knows it can be scary and discouraging, but he wants people to understand it is beneficial to them. We judge ourselves and our own work, but the judgment of others who we are trying to sell it to is what is really important. It may seem like a weird concept to give yourself up to be roasted, but it gives you the opportunity to view a variety of angles.

9 Everyone Should Make Mistakes

Humans have a tendency to avoid making mistakes, viewing them as black marks on their records. Zuckerberg proclaims that mistakes are what makes us better. He wants people to take big risks because the reward will be astounding. They don’t always pan out, as he has personally experienced, but others will give you the results you were looking for. Zuckerberg tells people the best method for learning is to make mistakes and learn how to quickly remedy them because this is the only way to ensure it never happens again.

8 Spend Time On The Things That Matter To You

Zuckerberg believes that the amount of work you put in will result in an equal outcome. He likes to focus on bettering his employees, which in turn betters his company as a whole. He focuses on the people who make what he does reality and devotes his time to serving them to the best of his ability. There may be other things important to you and he pushes you to focus on them because the effort you put forth will pay you back. It may not seem like a typical topic of success, but it will allow you to become better mentally and in your overall success.

7 You Can Learn From The People Around You

Mark Zuckerberg knew when starting his business that he did not know everything about the world he strived to enter. He worked with a team and learned tips and tricks along the way by studying what they did or didn’t do.

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It might seem weird to study your coworkers or competition, but it does make perfect sense. People enjoy learning and doing so by being around the company of other individuals they want to spend time with seems like a great way to achieve to add depth to our level of knowledge.

6 Only Hire People You Could See Yourself Working For

This might seem strange to only hire people you could see being your boss, but Zuckerberg swears by it. He believes it created an environment of respect and he knows he is working with the best people in the industry. It allows for open communication and a greater sharing of ideas as everyone is comfortable with one another due to confidence and expertise in their respective areas. He is not telling you to hire someone who will fight you on every subject, but rather, someone who will challenge your ideas and work with you to create a better business.

5 You Should Care About It More Than Anyone Else

Your business is like your very own child and you should be the most passionate about it. Zuckerberg’s passion for Facebook went beyond a hobby, which is how he beat the competition into the dust. He firmly believes if your heart is in the right place then you can be successful. It might seem like a dream or a fluff statement, but it worked for him so it might be worth a shot to go the extra mile in caring for your own idea baby.

4 Be The Change In The World

Mark Zuckerberg says that no matter the obstacles you face it is important not to give up. It might seem weird for Zuckerberg to give you the hope your idea can change the world, but he points out that every successful businessperson started somewhere.

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Their success began when they believed they could create something which could change the world in magnificent ways. They made it into a reality by not giving up on themselves and following through despite the criticism and obstacles they had to hurdle along the way.

3 Networking Is Critical

Zuckerberg didn’t get where he is today on his own, but rather, he recruited the help of his high school friends to help him create his empire. He started Facebook because he wanted a way to stay connected to his friends and they worked with him to make it into a reality. You never know what people you might meet throughout life who could help you on your journey to success. The weird kid in your science class or the kind old man down the street could all play important roles in helping you find your path to success.

2 Build A Great Team Of Dedicated Individuals


There is no ‘I’ in team, and this same saying can be applied when developing a business. You need to hire employees who are dedicated to the work and not just their paychecks. People on your staff should be willing to go the extra mile to make your business successful. Zuckerberg spends a lot of his time finding the best of the best to work for him because he believes that without them, he would be nothing. This rule might seem a bit odd to those who prefer solitude, but a great foundation is what keeps a business afloat.

1 Provide The Best Service

When the day is over, you are ultimately providing a service to a select group of people. There are several other businesses out there who are providing the exact same service as you with similar perks and abilities. When you provide the best experience to your customers it keeps them coming back and increases your business as they promote you to their friends and family. It is a strategy to keep and grow your business and it may seem like a weird rule to follow, but it should be your ultimate goal to be the best you can be.

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