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HIDDEN deals and clever shopping tips are great for sticking to the budget – so where can you find the best bargains at B&M?

The popular retailer is great for cheap toys, food, homeware and more.

Calling up the store, checking deals online or asking your friends what they bought are all great ways to spot the best deals at B&M.

The store will often host mega sales – from Lego sales to massive homeware price drops, shoppers have picked up more than their fill with hauls slashed by hundreds of pounds in the past.

But some shoppers have worked out how to find all the "secret" discounts too.

We reveal how you can bag all the best bargains at B&M:

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When should I shop at B&M?

B&M has confirmed in the past that different products will be marked down in price every day, so it's difficult to tell exactly when you should aim to shop.

But some shoppers have shared on Facebook forums and elsewhere which days you might find certain deals.

Staff reduce food, pet items and cleaning products every Tuesday.

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Seasonal items like past Christmas stock, on the other hand, are often down on price on Thursdays and Saturdays.

The retailer has also claimed before that all 650 of its stores are stocked with new items daily, too.

So if you're looking for a bargain dupe or other low cost goodies, it doesn't hurt to try your chances throughout the week.

Since there's no right answer for which day you should shop on, but is there a right time?

Stock can be subject to availability so once staff start reducing items from 7.30am, whatever day of the week it may be, you'll want to be first in line.

Slashed prices on B&M's already low-cost stock means products will fly off the shelves, and typically when it's reduced it means once it's gone, it's gone.

You can find out when your nearest store opens using B&M's online shop finder tool.

How should I shop at B&M?

There's one method that many top B&M fans swear to – even to this day.

They claim to have saved hundreds of pounds by using the store's barcode scanner.

The tool allows them to discover discounted items before the staff have even reduced them.

The B&M scanner is located on the B&M Stores mobile app, which can be downloaded for free on your smartphone.

Shoppers can download it on the App Store or Google Play.

Once you've got the app, click on the "scan" button at the bottom of your homepage.

This will then bring up the camera on your smartphone, which you'll need to use to scan barcodes.

When you've found a product you want to scan, simply point your smartphone camera toward its barcode.

The app will then automatically bring up the item's price – this is when you'll know if it is reduced or not.

Bargain hunters say some items come up as £1.50 or even 10p through the app.

For example, professional bargain hunter Holly Smith previously explained how she bagged a LOL Surprise game for £1 instead of £10 by using the app.

There is also help available on Facebook with a 200,000-strong membership page called 'B&M scanner and other bargains' helping people share incredible deals they have found.

What else should I know?

You can now shop online at B&M, so always check there for deals you may have missed in store.

You can also sign up to B&M's newsletter, which will tell you about its latest offers before you head to the shop.

And always check social media, Like this Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

Shoppers often share a lot of sneaky deals that you might not have spotted yourself.

For example, one savvy customer recently found a dupe of a popular chocolate snack, and it cost him just £1.

Other fans loved it, with one saying: "They are amazing, like them better than original ones!"

But do always have a shop around.

B&M is known for its low prices, but you might find an even better deal at similar discount rivals like Home Bargains or Aldi.

For example, Aldi recently announced a Patron liqueur dupe which saves shoppers up to 80%.

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You won't be able to order a bottle online from the Aldi website for home delivery, but you can do it for click and collect if a store near you offers this service.

The Aldi Specialbuy hit stores yesterday.

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