You’ve been pronouncing ‘chipotle’ wrong as experts share right way to say sauce

As there's many words in the English language, it's normal to say things wrong at times.

But people do have unique way of pronouncing certain words, whether it's Ikea or Dachshund.

Now for all those foodies out there, have you ever realised you could be saying chipotle all wrong?

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The delicious seasoning is made with smoke-dried ripe jalapeño peppers.

It's commonly used in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine.

There's also an American fast food chain chain which serves tacos, burritos and tasty bowls.

Now the team at Delicious revealed why you could be pronouncing the flavour wrong.

Of course the spelling makes the pronunciation a little bit confusing.

But people have been known to call it "chip-oat-lee", "chip-oh-tlay" or even "chip-ottel".

So which one's right?

Well it is believed the correct pronunciation is actually "chi-poat-leh".

Chipotle can be purchased in numerous forms to make your dish tasty.

You can get it in forms of powder, flakes or pods and even in sauce, like at Subway.

It is relatively mild but comes with an earthy spiciness used in many Mexican dishes.

And the chillis are even used to spice up various salsas.

While chipotles are spicy, they also have a distinctive smokey flavour.

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In other news, we recently revealed the dog names you might have been saying wrong.

According to experts, a Shih Tzu is actually pronounced "she-dzoo".

Thankfully you don't need to swear when saying the name of these adorable little lions.

And even Rottweilers have been pronounced wrong too as it's actually "rot-why-ler".

A lot of people pronounce this breed like it has the letter "k" in the name (rock-wahy-lers).

However, there is no "k".

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