Your Horoscope for the Week of June 17

Expect a full moon, another retrograde, and a new solar season this week! On Monday the full moon in Sagittarius helps the zodiac complete an experience and share a truth in a big way. On Friday, it’s the summer solstice—plus, Cancer season begins and intuitive Neptune turns retrograde for four months.


The full moon on Monday gives you the courage and hope to do something risky—be brave! Cancer season’s start on Friday inspires you to seek out the people and places that remind you of home and family, and Neptune retrograde asks you to check in with your intuition more carefully.


Relationships are wonderful and hard, and a full moon in your intimacy zone on Monday helps you understand that—so set aside time to bond with your partner. Cancer season on Friday boosts your listening, speaking, and intellectual skills. Meanwhile, Neptune retrograde inspires more compassion and empathy in your friendships.


Monday’s full moon invites a new romance, and if you’re already in a relationship, expect it to deepen or transition. The beginning of Cancer season kicks off a grounding summer that’ll help you feel passionate about getting centered. Neptune retrograde inspires you to reflect on how you can be of better service at work.


Monday’s full moon helps kick off healthier practices for your new year, which begins on Friday! May all your birthday wishes come true–you deserve to feel as loved and supported as you make others feel. Neptune retrograde has you refining your educational and travel plans.


The full moon on Monday wants you to own your power and express your courage in a big way. Cancer season’s start on Friday is a healthy sabbatical in which you can find closure in the areas where you initiate it. And finally, Neptune retrograde helps you reassess your intimacy and sexual practices.


Monday’s full moon has you tending to your heart, home, and family so you can find a meaningful balance between your personal and professional lives. Then, Cancer season on Friday begins your most social, outgoing month, and Neptune retrograde inspires a review of your relationships.


The full moon on Monday makes you efficient and communicative about resolving overdue concerns. Cancer season’s start on Friday transforms your career, so stay competent and confident when it comes to accomplishing your dreams. Neptune retrograde inspires a helpful spiritual practice for health benefits.


Monday’s full moon wants you to feel more grounded when it comes to personal and financial issues, while the beginning of Cancer season on Friday helps you travel and expand your horizons—say yes to adventure! Neptune retrograde fosters a refining of your creative skills and has you feeling more confident overall.


The full moon shines from your sign, so show off your optimism, intellect, curiosity, and passion. Cancer season’s start on Friday begins a sexy, intimate summer filled with quality connections, and Neptune retrograde makes you more tender and emotionally expressive.


The full moon on Monday empowers you to seek closure from the situations, places, and relationships that don’t serve you. Cancer season welcomes new romantic opportunities or a deepening or transitioning of current ones, and Neptune retrograde helps you communicate less literally and more soulfully.


Monday’s full moon inspires you to connect to the mission, the people, and places that really matter to you, and Cancer season motivates you to organize your life by improving your mental and physical health. Finally, Neptune retrograde heals your relationships with your values and financial security.


The full moon on Monday helps transform a situation in the workplace—if you’re outspoken and optimistic about it. The start of Cancer season on Friday gives you a boost of confidence, joy, and creativity, particularly when it comes to self-love and care. And Neptune retrograde strengthens your intuition, compassion, and healing skills.

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