Your Gemini Monthly Horoscope for August

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Welcome to August, Gemini! Pay attention to your dreams, because downloads and intuitive hits may lead to breakthroughs when Mars and Uranus meet in Taurus on August 1. You may finally reach a breaking point and kiss a bad habit or self-defeating behavior goodbye. Change is in the air! You’re eager to spend more time at home once Mercury enters Virgo on August 3, and your thoughts shift to family and your living situation. You may feel like you just want to escape on August 7, but responsibility is calling your name. Frustrations can arise and if you’re in school or taking a class, you may find yourself caught between making responsible decisions about your studies vs. going out to bottomless brunch. This isn’t a day to overindulge–you may be dealing with the consequences later on.

Power struggles at work are unavoidable on August 8, when Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. You may not like what you see in your bosses, but the ugly truth is appearing so you have all the pieces of the puzzle. You have more power than you think, so don’t feel pressured to cave to someone else’s request if it doesn’t feel right.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11 delivers a dose of harsh truth. You may learn some information that feels unsettling or gives you pause. While it may not be what you wanted to hear, give yourself time to process and reflect. If you’re traveling around this time, expect delays! Also on August 11, Venus, the planet of harmony and love, enters gregarious Leo. You may find yourself spending extra time with extended family or siblings, or investing in your hobbies and interests. Follow your curiosity!

Don’t be surprised if you receive a “no” on August 14 when the Sun in Leo sits across from serious Saturn in Aquarius. These two planets are activating the part of your chart that represents news and information, and they’re forming an uncomfortable union. If rejection doesn’t come knocking, you may need to set boundaries or have a difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding. Don’t panic–brighter skies are on the horizon on August 18 when Venus in Leo mingles with Jupiter in Aries. The tables have turned and good news is on its way! Someone in your network reaches out a helping hand and an abundant opportunity lands in your inbox or DMs. Today’s energy is fertile and harmonious–enjoy it.

Mars, the planet of drive and motivation, enters your sign on August 20. This is a cosmic BFD–Mars will retrograde later this year and stay in your sign until March of next year! While Mars is moving forward, you may feel an energetic boost, attract the attention of others, and also be a little more confrontational. This is a wonderful time to invest in yourself and your personal ambitions.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 22, and Virgo season 2022 will have you switching gears from the go-go-go nature of Leo season to craving a bit more solitude. Don’t give into FOMO–if you’re craving rest, listen to your body. Topics related to your living environment, roommates, home renovation, and family will also become a focus. Mercury enters Libra on August 25 and you’ve got romance, creativity and whimsy on the mind! This is playful energy and it’s a beautiful time to reconnect with hobbies that excite you and cultivate joy in your inner world.

A battle of the egos may arrive on August 26 when the Sun in Virgo squares off with Mars in Gemini. Simply put: Your actions may piss off some of your family members or roommates. Some drama may be on the menu, but if you’re living authentically, that’s their issue, not yours. Still, family tension isn’t for the faint of heart. Take space if you need it. The following day on August 27, the New Moon in Virgo ushers in a new beginning around family and your living situation. If the previous day’s tension sparked any revelation, you may start considering a new vision for these areas of your life. A fresh start is around the corner–you just have to weather this cosmic storm first!

The month winds down with some low energy on August 28 when Venus in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius. You’re feeling caught between work and play, and this time it feels more dramatic. You may be craving connection and feeling isolated. This too shall pass–it’s a quick transit. Your desire to socialize may be met with some responsibilities that are more pressing. You can tap into this serious energy by dedicating time to your craft, creativity, or studies.

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