Your Cancer Monthly Horoscope for March

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Just because your life doesn’t appear to have changed much recently doesn’t mean it’s staying the same. In fact, sometimes we’re not even aware of the most cataclysmic, life-changing transformations until after the fact. Basically, the theme for the month ahead is “behind the scenes metamorphosis” (not necessarily the catchiest slogan, I know).

Right at the beginning of the month—on March 3—Mars, the planet of action, shifts into Gemini for the first time since 2019. Gemini is your neighboring zodiac sign, known for its notorious duality, frenetic energy, and unpredictable hyperactivity…attributes that make celestial crabs like yourself feel extremely uneasy. In fact, there’s nothing you hate more than last-minute cancellations and underwhelming experiences that don’t live up to your expectations. I’m sorry to say, Cancer, but over the next few weeks, these disappointments may be somewhat inevitable…but don’t stress! In fact, this is an excellent time to honor your psychic boundaries, prioritize self-care, and release the grip on external variables that are totally outside of your control. It won’t always be easy, but trust that it’s totally worthwhile. You got this!

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Ten days later, on March 13, the New Moon in Pisces will blanket the sky, kicking off a brand-new lunar cycle. With the celestial bodies partnered in Pisces—a like-minded water sign that activates the area of your chart associated with philosophy, expansion, and adventure—you’ll be motivated to broaden your horizons. This is a terrific lunation to check in with yourself: Are you thinking progressively or regressively? Have your mental musings caught up with your current conditions, or are you still reacting to events that happened in the past? Let’s be honest, Cancer darling…you’ve switched your side part to a middle part…so why are you still clinging to convictions that are just as outdated? (JK, go on and rock your side part, if you like it!)

Then, on March 20, brand new energy is unleashed as the Sun drifts into Aries’ sky. But this celestial movement connotes more than just an astrological season—it also kicks off the Vernal Equinox, otherwise known as Spring! Finally! With equal parts day and night, those in the Northern Hemisphere will begin to celebrate as plants bloom, birds chirp, and heavy winter jackets disappear into our closets. For you, the next few weeks will fuel exciting personal progress. You’re inspired to bust out your favorite cleaning products and make sure your environment is bright, airy, and dust-free. This isn’t just about chores, Cancer—this is about ensuring your dwellings match your intentions. With bright solar radiance illuminating your soul, you may be gliding into your hopes and dreams faster than you can say “manifestation.” Now that’s something worth making space for, Cancer darling!

With your workspace organized and your psyche invigorated, you’ll be ready for the Full Moon in Libra on March 28. The lunation will generate a radical opposition between your personal and professional spheres, encouraging you to also consider how your recent success impacts your home life and vice-versa. The reality is, sweet crustacean, that it’s hard—but not impossible—to feel completely and totally accomplished when dirty dishes are taking over your kitchen. Under the light of this electric lunation, you’ll become increasingly aware of the delicate balances that animate your reality. You may discover that you need to spend a bit more time planning, organizing, and harmonizing—but that’s okay, Cancer! The goal is balance, and that’s a lifelong journey. It may take time, but through hard work, patience and compassion, you can definitely have it all.

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