You can fart out of your penis but only if you are very unwell, says doctor

A doctor has who previously used TikTok to encourage people to fart daily has revealed it is actually possible to fart through your penis – but it's a sign something is terribly wrong.

Dr Karan Rajan, who is on the video-sharing app as @drkaranr replied to a viewer who asked: "Can men penis fart?"

The NHS surgeon shows footage recorded during an operation where a weird yellow substance is being pushed through a person's bladder.

Dr Karan explains: "People can fart and poo from their pee-pipe.

"This yellow paste is actually fart and feces going into the bladder from the colon.

"It happens if you get an abnormal connection between the intestines and the bladder.

"Thankfully it's rare but can happen because of inflammatory bowel conditions, cancer, or radiotherapy.

"It can be devastating psychologically to be pooing from where you're weeing – and physically too because it increases the risk of UTIs (urinary tract infections)."

The video was watched more than 250,000 times and viewers said they were horrified by the thought.

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One user wrote: "Put a warning next time because I was not ready for this!"

Someone else joked: "Welcome to another episode of Things I Wish I Never Knew."

A third said: "I thought I could handle all kinds of content on this app. Turns out I was wrong."

"I didn't know peering was actually real," commented another user.

Dr Karan previously explained that everybody has a unique fart smell but it is not their own body that makes the stinky gases.

He has also said women's farts are more pungent than men's and that people with vegetarian diets can make the smelliest farts of all.

In the same video, he warned people to never trust a fart when you have diarrhea because your nerve endings will not be able to tell if it's safe or a "shart".

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