Woman teaches her ‘stripper’ cat to pole dance and impresses as it swings round

Today is International Cat Day, and what better way to celebrate than with this pussy stripper.

No, that was not a euphemism.

Minds now out of the gutter, a woman has 'taught' her pet cat how to pole dance and honestly, we are pretty impressed.

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Leah Trice has a metal pole in the middle of her living room where she practices her moves while rocking a leotard.

But it seems that she wanted to pass her skills along to the rest of her household.

In several TikTok clips that have racked up millions of views, Leah picked up her furry feline to pet her to the test.

And, the cat definitely had some moves of her own.

One clip showed Leah holding her pet at the top of the pole, and with a little encouragement, the cat grabbed on with its arms and legs before it slid down in style.

“My cat really is a stripper”, she said while sticking her tongue out in excitement.

As Leah told the cat where to put its limbs, she voiced: “I really teach her how to use the pole, she listens and loves to learn.”

The cat mum supported her student as it got to grips with learning the sliding technique.

Another clip showed Leah in her one piece giving the pole a go herself to demonstrate, and before waiting for their turn the cat eagerly joined in at the bottom of the pole.

“She was happier than me when she learned”, Leah giggled.

In awe of the pole dancing cat, many people fled to the comments to praise the ‘smart’ pet.

One person giggled: “She understood the assignment.”

Another user added: “No cause she actually slid down that was cute.”

While a third person chuckled: “Gotta pay them vet bills somehow.”

Someone else voiced: “You’re not a regular cat mum you’re a cool cat mum.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person commented: “You treat them like they’re smart they’re GONNA BE SMART.”

And, this user urged: “Buy the cat a bikini, please.”


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