Woman shares clip sent by ‘slime ball ex’ of him kissing another woman

Man’s attempt to make his ex jealous with a video of him passionately kissing another woman backfires spectacularly as social media users brand him ‘cringe’

  • Naomi Drever shared clip sent by ex-partner who was trying to make her jealous 
  • Martin Carrington, from Leeds, smiles as he kisses woman and says, ‘she’s fire’
  • Other woman swings off him as they passionately kiss and he looks at the camera
  • Clip has had 60,000 views since being shared by Naomi on Facebook  
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A woman has shamed her ex-boyfriend online by sharing the ‘cringe’ video he sent her in a failed bid to make her jealous after their split.

Naomi Drever’s former flame, Martin Carrington from Leeds, is seen passionately kissing another woman in the short clip, while staring at the camera and repeatedly referring to his new love interest as ‘fire’

She shared the clip to Facebook, with the caption: ‘When you wake up to this off ya slime ball ex (sic). 

‘How could you ever make me jealous, pal? That is not fire!’ 

The clip, which was viewed more than 66,000 times, provoked quite a reaction from Naomi’s Facebook followers, including one who said it had put her off her breakfast.

Charlotte Fowler commented, ‘imagine your ex sending that haha’ while Leanne Brooks wrote ‘how cringe is this?’ 

A woman has shared a video she was sent by her ‘slime ball’ ex-partner, pictured with another woman, in a bid to make her jealous

Naomi Drever, from Leeds, pictured, posted the video on Facebook and asked how it could ever make me jealous’

In response to the Facebook post, Martin claimed that Naomi was someone he’d slept with and not his ex-girlfriend, adding that she was ‘less than perfect’.

Naomi hit back: ‘You really do make me laugh. Would love to stand around amusing myself here, but some of us have jobs to be getting to.’ 

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The clip showed Martin locking lips with a woman, believed to be 20-year-old Sophie Marie Phillips.

Martin can be heard saying in the video: ‘She’s fire.’

Martin, pictured, held the phone above his head as he locked lips with the other woman

The short clip, posted to social media yesterday, showed Martin holding up a camera whilst Sophie had her arms locked around him, and kissed him on the cheek.

The pair then shared a very open-mouthed passionate kiss, while Martin held the phone from a height to film their actions.

When they paused briefly, Martin could be heard saying: ‘Fire, look at her she’s fire. Fire.’

After sticking their tongues out, Martin looked directly at the camera as he went in for a kiss

They then kissed again showing both their tongues to the camera and each other before Martin let out a laugh and stopped filming.

Elizabeth Coyle said: ‘They’ve just put me off my breakfast. He’s definitely downgraded, that’s no fire.’  

Referring to the couple, Marie Whitemen said: ‘This is actually savage, how can you get yourself in that state is beyond me?’

Referring to the girl in the video, Shelby-Rhinnon Tate said: ‘This is rough! She’s got to be ashamed because I would be.’ 



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