Woman in her 30s says filters mean she had ‘no idea what ageing looks like’

Any time we go on social media we’re spammed with edited images that are so far from reality it can be hard to accept.

Filters, photoshop, and smoothing tools can leave a model looking completely unrecognisable.

While more and more influencers are embracing their natural bodies and ditching the fakery to help others embrace body positivity, the internet is still rife with edited shots.

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While we know the images are altered, it has still led to millions of people struggling with confidence issues.

Especially when models in their 50s are looking as taut and toned as they did in their 20s – just like Jennifer Aniston's recent photoshoot for allure.

Actress Julia Fox, another actress, took to TikTok to rage against the cosmetics industry and its prolific use of the term 'anti-ageing'.

She wants us to know that, actually, "ageing is fully in."

"If I see another product that says anti-ageing on the label, I'm suing," she told her followers.

"I'm going to sue because I'm gonna age regardless of if I put the f***ing $500 serum on my face. And you all f***ing know it, and we know it, so let's stop lying to ourselves."

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She ended the rant by saying, defiantly, "getting old is f***ing hot."

MammaMia writer Tamara Davis, a 33-year-old, says she feels lost in a sea of mixed messages.

She claims that younger people are more obsessed with ageing – and how to prevent it.

Tamara said: “I really didn't care about my ageing face until I was told to. Until it felt like a Significant Thing I should be worried about. It only started crossing my mind when I turned Fox's age; 32, and it became unignorable.

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“Just weeks after my birthday last year, while watching The Oscars red carpet, I spotted two actresses who appeared to be embracing their fine lines, let's just say, more freely than some of their contemporaries. And it was refreshing.

“Oh! said internal me. This is what the face of a woman in her thirties looks like. And really, their fine lines are almost imperceptible, aren't they?”

Tamara described it as disturbing that such a minuscule part of the natural ageing process was so refreshing because of societal pressures, skin influencers, and cosmetic treatments.


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