Woman gets tribute tattoo for mum but fumes as it looks like ‘crayon’ on arm

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A woman decided to get a sweet tattoo in tribute to her mum.

But she regrettedit when she walked out of the studio with an inking that looked nothing like what she asked for.

Makeup artist Shelby Bryan admitted it was a "tattoo gone wrong" when she looked down at the lip print tattoo on her wrist.

Posting on TikTok, she explained: "I wanted a tattoo of my mum's lip print… don't ask I don't even know either."

She then shared a picture of the lipstick stain from her mother that she hoped to replicate in body art form.

But what she got at the end was a smudgy inking with poor shape and line work.

Viewers refused to believe it's a real tattoo and said it looks like it's been done using "Crayola markers".

"Looks more like marker or Sharpie up close," one wrote and a second said: "That doesn't prove anything, it's already dry."

"My nine-year-old sister could do better than that," a third added.

Some asked Shelby to clean her tattoo with alcohol wipes and makeup remover to show that it's real.

She also replied in the comments: "Yeah it's a horrible tattoo I'm aware of how it looks, planning either to get it fixed, covered up or removed!

"It's real y'all."

In other news, two women were roasted for being "trashy" when they got a matching tattoo to mark their friendship.

The best friends celebrated their friendship by having calligraphy inked on their arms.

One showed hers as "B*tch guess what" and the other's "B*tch what".

Recently, a mum shared her traumatising incident when she "burned off" her half-sleeve tattoo in a roast dinner disaster.

She was rushed to A&E after spilling boiling hot water down her tattoo-covered right arm.

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