What McDonalds toy can I get with my Happy Meal this month?

MCDONALD'S has released a new toy with its Happy Meals this month.

Over the summer, McDonald's had toys supporting the highly anticipated Space Jam reboot after it cinemas in August, but now Mr Men have taken centre stage.

The new take-over has just been released, and kids across the country will be excitingly unveiling their new meal freebies.

What kids toy can I get with my McDonald's Happy Meal this month?

Released into Happy Meal boxes across the UK on September 29, kids can now get Mr Men goodies with their snacks.

McDonald’s has partnered with Mr Men and Little Miss to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic brand.

So from now until October 19, each Happy Meal is available in a Mr Men and Little Miss themed box, with either a plush toy or a book to choose from.

It's part of McDonald’s ongoing Book or Toy initiative, which gives families the option to choose between a book or a toy with every Happy Meal.

There are two books and 50 plush toys to choose from including all your little one's favourite characters like Little Miss Sunshine or Mr Grumpy.

Both of which are 100% sustainable after McDonald's announced it would remove all non-sustainable plastic from Happy Meals last year.

To coincide with the cinematic release of Space Jam: A New Legacy, McDonald's was previously offering New Legacy toys in UK restaurants.

But you can't get these anymore, now that the Mr Men products have launched.

As the Mr Men promotion is only running for a few weeks, we've reached out to McDonald's to see what's in store next, as we're excited to see the latest toys hit the Happy Meals.

We'll update this story once we know more.

Reports suggest that McDonald's could next be releasing Ron's Gone Wrong toys though, if it follows a similar pattern that the American chains are predicted to distribute.

Ron's Gone Wrong will hit UK screens on October 22 though so it could still be a little longer until we see the new additions entering the little red boxes.

What are the McDonalds Happy Meal toys for 2021?

McDonald's is known for releasing toys to coincide with big movie screenings.

According to kidsmeal.fandom.com the chain is releasing 12 Happy Meal toys in the US.

The dates don't quite match up with UK releases though, as over here we are a bit behind on some of the movie release dates.

The fandom blog gives a good indication of what to potentially look forward to though in the UK.

These are the release dates for the US:

  • Hasbro Gaming toys (January/February)
  • Pokémon 25th Anniversary Trading Cards (February/March)
  • Raya and the Last Dragon toys (March/April)
  • Star Wars/Disney Princess toys (April/May)
  • TY Beanie Boos toys (May/June)
  • Luca toys (June/July)
  • Space Jam 2: A New Legacy toys (July/August)
  • Ron's Gone Wrong toys (August/September)
  • Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary toys (September)
  • Marvel Studios Eternals toys (late October)
  • Enchanto toys (November)
  • Sing 2 toys (December)

We might not see all of these make it over to the UK, but we're waiting to hear back from McDonald's to confirm.

In the meantime, the fast-food giant's annual Monopoly game is currently under way with plenty of other goodies up for grabs.

Did you also know you can get McDonald's Happy Meals delivered to your door too?

But be careful you don't get disappointed at the chain running out of your favourite meals as it's one of the many restaurants facing current national food shortages.

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