What is the letter ‘P’ that flashes up on the screen during Love Island?

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Love Island fans have spotted a mysterious letter P that flashes up on their screen during the hit ITV2 series.

The logo, which pops up in the corner of the programme, has left fans baffled over its meaning with 90 per cent of TV viewers previously admitting in a survey that they did not have a clue what the symbol stood for.

However the letter P stands for 'product placement' and is seen in the opening credits of Love Island and moments before garden and dressing rooms scenes where branded sunscreen and makeup is on display.

The P also makes an appearance shortly before the Islanders shout, 'I've got a text', after receiving the message on their Samsung phone.

Eagle-eyed viewers also spotted Spotify branding during Mabel's performance in the villa which could be seen on the bar area while the Islanders took a selfie with the Don't Call Me Up songstress.

It comes after Love Island allegedly raked in more than £12million in revenues even before the first episode aired as sponsors and advertisers signed up to be featured on the most commercialised show in British TV.

ISAWITFIRST, Cloud Nine, Samsung, Boots and Spotify are just some of the brands that feature on the summer dating series.

However some fans have taken to Twitter to question the product placement.

One penned: "I love Mabel but that was the most cringe 'product placement' ever."

Another added: "The product placement on Love Island is truly awful and blatantly obvious… It only highlights how scripted this show is."

A third commented: "The boots Soltan product placement in this kaz/tyler conversation is so funny to me."

Meanwhile there is no denying that the ladies of Love Island have been stealing the show with their super stylish fashion this series.

However, we can’t leave the boys out who have also been sporting some dapper looks as well.

There is one brand which eagle-eyed viewers have seen them wearing around the pool which see’s an “R” logo on the clothing.

With the likes of Hugo Hammond, Jake Cornish and Toby Aromolaran sporting the brand in question, we managed to find out where you can snap up the look.

Rewired Clothing is an athleisure clothing brand which specialises in a range of activewear, loungewear and accessories.

Fans of the show have been flocking to Twitter to ask where this brand had come from, with one user posting:“What's this R brand they're so desperately advertising today ?”

Whilst another followed with: “Someone tell me what that ‘R’ brand is they’re all wearing”

A third commented saying: “I like this R brand they’re all wearing, what’s it called?” – well there you have it, it’s Rewired Clothing.

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