Wedding guests baffled as ‘disrespectful’ groom is carried to aisle in a coffin

A newly-wed couple has been slammed after the groom was carried down the aisle in a coffin at their funeral-themed wedding.

One of the wedding guests filmed the unusual nuptials, where the groom made the bizarre choice to be carried into the outdoor ceremony in a black coffin.

A video, which has gained more than 6.8million views on TikTok, said: "Is this a funeral? No this is how my friend decided to walk down the aisle".

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The footage, posted on the app by user @tobz88, shows dramatic music playing in the background as a big car arrives and the doors are opened, revealing a casket with the groom inside.

However, it wasn't a purely gothic-themed wedding as the groomsmen wore wearing pale grey suits and the bridesmaids floaty lilac dresses.

The video shows them stumbling and struggling under the weight of the coffin as they carry it to the spot where the bride and grooms make their solemn vows.

Wedding guests look on with a mix of interest, curiosity and embarrassment. At least one of the groomsmen can be seen shaking his head.

Once the casket is placed down, the soon-to-be-married man lifts the lid and steps out of his wooden box, and gets ready for the business of getting married.

The video is captioned: "Tell me you're dramatic without telling me you're dramatic".

His morbid choice has not been explained, and the bride's reaction wasn't recorded.

However, the short clip has certainly caused some controversy on the app as the couple was slammed for being 'disrespectful.'

One user joked: "We would be divorced before we said I do."

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Someone else said: "They all were so embarrassed, I'd be embarrassed as well, no offence."

"His only explanation better be that life wasn’t worth living until he met me?" a third commenter jibed.

A fourth wrote: "The disrespect, THE AUDACITY."

However, one TikToker defended the groom's decision, writing: "I actually thought this was kinda cute. I interpret it as like, 'I was dead before I met you' or 'my life didn’t truly start until I met you'."


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