Viewers question cost calculations in Jamie's One Pound Wonders

‘Is he doing his food shop in 1982?’ Viewers of Jamie’s One Pound Wonders question celebrity chef’s grocery price calculations

  • Viewers took to Twitter after watching celebrity chef’s Channel 4 show 
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Viewers of Jamie Oliver’s budget cooking show Jamie’s One Pound Wonders have criticised the celebrity chef for his price calculations of each recipe.

The Channel 4 show which aired at 8pm on Monday night is part of the TV chef’s One Pan Wonders series, and attempts to help people stretch their money as far as possible in the kitchen.

But, taking to Twitter, viewers expressed their concerns with how Jamie was totting up the cost of ingredients in each recipe, with one viewer suggesting he has done his food shop ‘in 1982’.

However, after the celebrity chef, who is thought to be worth around £240 million, shared a guest recipe for cauliflower curry cooked in the air fryer, others took to the social media platform to share their own favourite meals cooked in the device.

From meatloaf to their own recipes for roast potatoes, they hailed the air fryer as a cheap and effective way of cooking.

During the show, Jamie put together a series of recipes including pork noodles, a tuna rosti and a crumble for dessert.

However, as the chef claimed each recipe came in at less than £1 per portion, viewers were left unconvinced. 

As the chef put together a pastry recipe, one person took issue with his use of pre-rolled puff pastry which comes in a sheet and claimed it is much cheaper to buy a block of puff pastry that you can then roll out.

They said: ‘If you’re on a budget you wouldn’t buy pre-rolled pastry. You can buy a block of pastry for half the price that would [make] 2 of those, and you can freeze it.’

Viewers of Jamie’s One Pound Wonders, which aired on Channel 4 at 8pm last night, questioned the costing of the ingredients and recipes. The celebrity chef demonstrated several recipes in the second episode of the series including pork noodles (pictured)

Jamie Oliver’s One Pound Wonders is part of his One Pan Wonders series, which aims to make cooking fuss-free and as cheap as possible for people on a budget

Some viewers took to Twitter to joke about the celebrity chef’s costing on his ingredients – suggesting the prices don’t reflect the modern day

Another person said: ‘I find shows like #JamiesOnePoundWonders frustrating – none of those are £1 a portion because you need heat, light, gas… fine for those of us who don’t have to think too hard about our bulls, but if you’re right on the edge…’

The criticism reflected viewers’ concerns about the first episode in the series, in which people took to Twitter to question the cost of cooking the recipes, as well as buying the ingredients.

While demonstrating his recipes, the chef does make note of ways in which you can save on energy while cooking. For example, he claimed that putting the lid on the pan while cooking rice and beans is more energy efficient as it steams the ingredients and does not let as much heat go to waste. 

Many people questioned how much each of Jamie’s recipes would cost – however some thought the criticism of his project amounted to ‘mental gymnastics’

But some people questioned the cost of the actual ingredients as well, and suggested the celebrity chef’s calculations weren’t quite right.

One person joked: ‘Where the f*** is Jamie Oliver doing his grocery shopping for this show? 1982?’

According to the show, the cost of each ingredient and recipe per portion is calculated by finding the average cost of the items in several major supermarkets. 

However, many people were happy to see the chef’s creations and thought the criticism against his concept were flimsy.

One person said: ‘It’s funny watching people perform all kinds of mental gymnastics to find ways to slag off Jamie Oliver & his One Pound Wonders.’

They then joked about the logic of people criticising the celebrity chef as: ‘Well it’s not £1 because you haven’t costed the washing up liquid or the lightbulb needed to see what I’m doing in the kitchen.’

Aside from debate about the costing of the recipes, most people were very much on board with Jamie’s use of air fryers after guest chef Karan Gokani made a cauliflower curry in his air fryer.

Many people said they would ‘definitely’ be trying the curry in their own devices.

Jamie Oliver’s Twitter account then asked viewers about their go-to air fryer dish, to which people responded in their droves. 

Many said they cooked their roast potatoes in the air fryer, while others said they made chicken thighs and wedges.

Some even used their devices to make rotisserie-style chicken.

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