‘Trolls spew at my curvy body and "bannock bum" – but I don’t care’

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    A woman admitted that she's "blessed" with front-facing curves but "cursed" with a "bannock bum."

    The plus size mum often posts body positive content to her thousands of TikTok followers where she regularly flaunts her body and bashes cruel trolls. Despite being confident with her figure, Megan Brock – known as @fangirl.95 – faces rude remarks about her curvy appearance.

    Although, it's going to take a lot more than puking emojis and fat-shaming to bring the 28-year-old content creator down.

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    In one TikTok clip that racked up thousands of views, Megan stripped down to her undies where she embraced her curves. "Blessed with curves," she said in one of her posts. But, the influencer didn't exactly have completely positive thoughts about her body.

    She was able to poke fun at herself as she branded her backside a "bannock bum" – a slur for a not so peachy derriere. She giggled: "Cursed with the indigenous bannock bum."

    Although she poked fun at her own body, Megan certainly doesn't take any rude comments from others. In a separate clip, she shared an example of the things trolls say to her. “Plus size girls are [vomit emoji]," she wrote across the clip.

    Megan expertly replied with a sassy lip sync, and said: "Take away your things and go, can’t take back what you say."

    Instead of hate comments, many fans have flooded the comment sections on her videos with compliments galore. "You're definitely not cursed," one praised. Another user added: "Love a natural woman."

    While a third praised: "Very beautiful." Someone else expressed: "Goddess."

    Meanwhile, a fifth fan voiced: "I like your positive attitude good for you. We all have different body types."

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