Times when nature is unforgiving!

Mother Nature is in charge! Photos of frozen rooms, trees crashing through roofs and melted boats and lighting will make you glad you’re not at the mercy of extreme weather

  • People around the world have been sharing photos of when nature strikes back
  • The Rockets Science has rounded up the funniest examples of ‘natural disasters’
  • Including a flooded electric charging point for cars and a melted kayak

No matter how well prepared you are for extreme weather, it’s always important to remember that nature has the upper hand, and it can be very unforgiving. 

From melted garden decorations to a giant icicle through your car sunroof The Rockets Science has rounded up some of the best pranks played by Mother Nature. 

One picture from the US shows how an 80ft locust tree came crashing through someone’s living room, while in the Philippines a motorcyclist ended up covered head to toe in volcanic ash after an eruption. 

Elsewhere, someone Norway forgot to turn off the main water valve in the winter and the bathroom ended up flooded and then frozen solid under feet of ice.  

A hailstorm in Fort Collins, Colorado wreaked havoc as seen in this unbelievable photo of a baseball-sized hailstone crashing into the sunroof of a car

That’s dinner cancelled! A tornade swept an entire grill into the swimming pool in the US, and the poolside furniture didn’t make it out unscathed either  

Park it! After this car was swept away by flooding in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug  in Russia, it was left in rather an inconvenient spot  

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This dog in Canada will never trust his owner again. They set out in their roofless Jeep in glorious sunshine, only for nature to play a cruel trick on them in the form of a short shower

Tree-mendous! An 80ft locust tree came crashing through the roof in Rockland County, New York, but the sanguine homeowner remarked that it gave the living room a Rainforest Cafe ambiance it’s always been lacking  

Electricity… the power of the future. But not in Wokingham, where this electric charging station for Tesla cars was close to being completely submerged after a long day of rainfall

Rough ride! This motorcycle driver in Santa Rosa, Laguna in The Philippines was NOT prepared when the Taal Volcano in his area erupted and he ended up covered head to toe in ash

Now that’s a meltdown! An Australian resident showed the impact of hot weather on their drooping garden lamps 

It’s not called the water closet for nothing! This bathroom in Norway froze solid after someone failed to turn off the main water valve for winter… oops

Here’s another example of human error, rather that Mother Nature. This person in Svalbard, Norway forgot to shut the office window… Let’s hope for their sake working from home continues 

A spiky problem! Cutting a saguaro cactus is prohibited in the state of Arizona. But what do you do if it decides to fall naturally and destroy your house? Who protects you?

Kayaking is a fantastic summer sport but nobody will bet getting on the water in this vessel after the sun in Florida melted the boat!

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