This 'Game of Thrones' Theory About Where the Night King REALLY Is Will Horrify You

Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones ended in the most harrowing way possible. After a full hour of character development, weird breast-feeding jokes, and forge sex, the final moments showed our main man Tyrion seeing the White Walker army marching towards Winterfell. The thing is…the Night King wasn’t with them. So…whattup with that?

You might initially think that Bran’s plan is working. Maybe the Night King—knowing he’s Jon Snow’s main target—has left the group and gone off to find Bran solo. But something tells me the Night King isn’t that stupid. Which brings us to a pretty solid fan theory: the Night King has taken his ice dragon to King’s Landing to create millions of new white wakers. (Psst: keep in mind this theory was written before Sunday’s episode—meaning the person who wrote it is already half correct.)

The theory also speculates that the living will actually win The Battle of Winterfell, only to find out that there’s an even bigger army of the dead coming from King’s Landing. Plus, there’s evidence of this in Bran’s Season 4 vision:

Following that logic, let’s talk about Dany’s vision at the House of the Undying, where she sees the throne room covered in ash. Just theorizing here, but is it possible this is a scene from how the show ends, when Dany finally arrives at King’s Landing only to find it burned down from the Night King’s destruction?

Either way, as the original theory states “Bottom line, I simply don’t see the NK risking his newfound ice dragon in a fight he is sure to lose…. when he can simply fly down south to KL where there are no dragons to deal with … and 1 million new recruits for his army packed tightly into a small area.”

I buy it.

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