These May 2019 "Aldi Finds" Deals On Wine & Alcohol Are Perfect For Warmer Weather

When it comes to grocery shopping, no store has a more diverse, interesting, and affordable selection than Aldi. The international grocery store recently released its upcoming deals for the month of May and the catalogue is chock-full of amazing summer wines and boozy drinks. You’ll seriously want to get to your local Aldi ASAP to snag some of these grocery store goodies. These May 2019 "Aldi Finds" deals on wine and alcohol will be the perfect way to gear up for warmer weather.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Aldi Finds, every month Aldi features new rotating items called Aldi Finds to keep customers up to date with all the exciting products in-store. The items are usually limited-run, meaning they may not come back after the stores sell out. May 2019’s Aldi Finds include a variety of snacks and treats, but the most eye-catching of May’s Finds are Aldi’s wine and alcohol options. For example, for just $4.99 from May 1 through May 7, customers can snag Aldi’s Evie Elderflower Frizzante which is a sweet and sparkling cocktail made with notes of white fruits and elderflower. The cocktail, which has eight percent alcohol by volume, can be enjoyed chilled with desserts or all by itself as a sweet treat in the sunshine. Before you go looking for it at Aldi, make sure your local store carries it.

Other boozy Aldi Finds for May include the Wicked Grove Hard Cider Variety Pack for $13.99, which includes Juicy Pear, Cinnamon, and Crisp Apple flavors, and the Sunshine Bay Reserve Sav Blanc for $7.00 during the week of May 8.

During the week of May 15, the Casa Sangrioso Sangria Wine Box for $9.99, and the Beach Colada Wine Speciality, which looks like a combination of wine and piña colada flavors, for $6.99 during the week of May 22.

Stock up on these tasty beverages for summer or enjoy them as soon as they go on sale (I know I will!). I haven’t tried any of them yet, but I have a feeling my personal fave from the batch will be the Casa Sangrioso Sangria. The 3-liter boxed wine is described as a grape wine with other natural flavors and is recommended chilled or over ice, per the packaging.

If you can’t wait until May to get your hands on a tasty summer wine, a cocktail drink, or hard cider, you can always try a bottle or two of this Aldi Find for the week of April 24 — Massimino Mango Moscato. This sweet, wine-based drink contains fragrant mango notes and can be all yours for a limited time for $4.99. Aldi suggests pairing it with light appetizers or fruit desserts. With packaging this pretty, how could you not want to at least try it?

While you’re busy boozing it up with all the incredible alchol-related Aldi Finds, don’t forget about the snacks! Food-related Aldi Finds for the week of May 1st include frozen faves like Kirkwood Southern Style Crispy Chicken for $5.99, Haribo Zing Sour Streamers for 95 cents if you have more of a sweet tooth, and what looks like it’ll be my personal fave, Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Cheese Bread Sticks which are mozarella filled garlic bread sticks for just $2.49 for a box of five. Like the beverages, quantities of these snacks are limited. Make sure to check if your local store carries them before you head over.

I don’t know about you, but I’m basically counting down the days until May now.

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