These 'Jupiter's Legacy' Stars Are Pretty Legendary at TikTok Dances

If the cast of Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix ever decides that a television career is no longer for them, at least they can be confident that would have a solid future on TikTok. The evidence of their potential lies in this week’s episode of the TikTok Challenge Challenge, in which they all displayed a level of skill that I personally thought was reserved for highly-trained musical groups.

Elena Kampouris, Ian Quinlan, and Andrew Horton joined us for our high-stakes challenge, and they really stepped up to the plate. If you’re not familiar with how it works, get familiar. But in short, this game requires guests to watch a TikTok dance, then learn it in under literally 60 seconds. Not exactly the easiest ask, but these three lowkey killed it? Sure there was a whole lot of improv going on, but the dance confidence that Elena, Ian, and Andrew had simply CANNOT be taught. Watch the full video and decide who you think took home the crown for this challenge

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