These Are the Best Weighted Blanket Deals to Shop on Prime Day

Prime Day starts at 3am on Monday, July 15th and runs through Tuesday, July 16th. If you’re not already a Prime member (or if you are but want your own Prime account away from prying eyes) sign up and take advantage of Amazon’s 30-day free Prime trial. There are a ton of surprise deals and savings to be found, if you know where to look—and we’re on the Prime Day beat, so keep checking back throughout the sale for more updates!

Weighted blankets are pretty much a dream come true for anyone who struggles with anxiety or insomnia. Cover yourself in a weighted blanket and just like that, your problems will magically float away. You’re no longer awake in the middle of the night, tossing and turning, thinking about how your latest Tinder date was such a dodo. I swear! The biggest problem with weighted blankets, however, is that usually, they tend to cost mucho $$$. Enter: Prime Day, a gift from our lord and savior—you know, Jeff Bezos—and its myriad deals on everything from sex toys to Lady Gaga’s new makeup line.

And because we care about you and your ability to sleep like a lil baby, we’ve rounded up all the best weighted blanket deals that are available today. With Amazon’s crazy-fast shipping, you’ll get to curl up under your new purchase later this week—just make sure to crank the AC (or shell out for a BlanQuil Chill cooling blanket). You can thank us while you’re getting the most relaxing sleep of your life.

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