These Are Danielle Bregoli, Aka Bhad Bhabie’s Most Priced Possessions

When Danielle Bregoli first appeared on The Dr. Phil Show, she was just 13 years old, and she definitely didn’t seem to be on her way to a lucrative career. Quite the contrary, she was an unruly child that was expressing troubling behavior and was clearly unwilling to respect any form of authority. In spite of the fact that Dr. Phil was known to expose a variety of extremely challenging characters on his talk show, there was something about Danielle’s ferociously resistant personality that seemed to be highly attractive to fans. It wasn’t long before she managed to turn her infamous ‘cash me outside’ phrase into an absolute fortune by monopolizing on her 15 minutes of fame. Now worth an astounding $10 million, Danielle, now known to the world as ‘Bhad Bhabie,‘ isn’t shy about spending her money.

A $5 Million Mansion

Of course, now that Danielle has a fortune, she’s spending a fortune, and one of her biggest purchases so far is her $5 million mansions that she bought. This incredible home is situated in the suburban neighborhood of Tarzana, California, and offers her more than enough space to host her wild parties and spread out in style.

This sprawling mansion sits on a massive property and boasts four very spacious bedrooms, as well as impeccable landscaping, and all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a home that comes with this sort of price tag.

The kicker… Bhad Bhabie was just 16 years old at the time that she made this enormous purchase.

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Two Huge ‘Bhabie’ Pendants And Chains

Danielle Bregoli will never let her fans forget who she is. Now that she has managed to milk her fame and turn her Dr. Phil appearance into a never-ending display of crass behavior, she wants her name to appear everywhere – including on her neck,

She has invested a whole lot of money into some very expensive chains and pendants, including a jaw-dropping $30,000 on a 14 karat yellow gold pendant that was specially designed for her. Of course, it’s bedazzled and boasts more diamonds than anyone can count and hangs off her neck with a diamond chain.

Danielle also owns a 14k rose and white gold pendant bearing the ‘Bhabie’ name, and this one just so happens to have $45,000 worth of diamonds on it. Both pieces were custom designed by jeweler to the stars, Johnny Dang, a highly sought-after bling-designer for the stars.

A Very Interesting Porsche Purchase

When Bhad Bhabie shops, she always does so in style, and that proved to be very true when she went car shopping for the very first time in her life. Of course, her lifestyle is far more elaborate than most, and her first car purchase happened to result in the ownership of a brand new Porsche Panamera Hybrid.

This big shopping spree came with a $90,000 price tag, but that wasn’t the most interesting part of Danielle’s big buy. The most captivating aspect of this purchase is the fact that she was only 14 years old at the time. That’s right. She didn’t have a driver’s license and was still two years away from even being able to drive her new wheels.

A $40,000 Smile

Prior to her fame, Danielle Bregoli lived a very humble, simple life. She was very unhappy with the shape and look of her teeth but couldn’t afford to do anything about it at the time. Now that she has acquired such wealth, she decided to take matters into her own hands by getting her teeth fixed. Of course, no regular dentist or clinic would do. Danielle went to see Dr. Aamir Wahab in Beverly Hills, known to make many celebrity smiles shine.

She wound up spending $40,000 to make her smile sparkle by putting stark-white veneers on top of her natural teeth. Now, she definitely has a whole lot to smile about and doesn’t feel shy about putting her pearly whites on full display.

A Very, Very Blingy Wrist

It has definitely become clear that Danielle Bregoli loves her bling. She has donned more gold, and diamonds than most rappers and hip hop artists do and has even sought the most top-end jewelers to create her custom pieces.

It comes as no surprise that she has spent a fortune on sparkly wrist jewelry, but the price tag may shock you.

Danielle makes sure her wrists are up to par by donning not one but two diamond bracelets, as well as a ridiculously expensive Rolex watch. She has managed to drop a staggering $45,000 on her baby blue Rolex, which features 16.5 carats of colorless VVS diamonds. Surely, this one-of-a-kind timepiece is used more as jewelry than to actually tell time, and Bhad Bhabie wears it with pride.

Dedicated to ensuring that her diamond watch has company, Danielle went on to also purchase two diamond bracelets worth $10,000 each to truly make her wrist sparkle and shine.

For those who are keeping pace, that means Danielle routinely walks out of her home wearing $65,000 on her wrists and $45,000 around her neck, sporting well over $110,000 worth of diamonds and gold on a simple outing to grab a coffee from the local store.

It’s safe to say she has come a long way from her rebellious days on the Dr. Phil show. She continues to rake in the dough from her numerous endorsement deals, music deals, and paid appearances, as well as making an astronomical amount of money on OnlyFans. At this pace, she’s likely to continue earning and spending a whole lot of cash for many years to come.

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