The New Trend Of ‘Social Media Sitters’ Explained

There’s a new digital trend on the beautifully sun-splashed horizon and it involves hiring “social media professionals” to make sure that your spicy hot Insta account doesn’t go stagnant while you’re soaking up the sights on your vacation.

Housesitters watch over homes, babysitters watch over children, petsitters watch over our beloved animal companions so it stands to reason that social media sitters exist to watch over social media accounts which to some, are equally as precious as the aforementioned sit-ables.

Fox News reported that a hotel chain, Ibis, in Switzerland understands social media users’ pain of dishing out the dough for an expensive and very Instagram-able vacay only to either spend the majority of the trip scouting out photo ops and posting to their account or actually enjoying the time away but suffering from a massive case of FOMOO – fear of missing out online. It can be awfully bad timing to have just gotten your Instagram game going strong only to be whisked away on an amazing vacation where your following may take a dive while you’re busy diving into crystal clear waters.

Sound familiar? A vacation at an Ibis Hotel will change everything for the social media addict. The hotel chain now offers the service of social media sitters where a local “influencer” will temporarily take over your account while you’re out and about having the time of your life. The influencer will post breathtaking, envy-inducing photos to your account while you’re unwinding, free of everyday stress and stress from the digital world as well.

Ibis hasn’t skimped on their influencers who include Sara Leutenegger, a contestant on Germany’s version of Next Top Model, Zurich-based DJ Sylwina and well-known lifestyle blogger Cristina Gheiceanu. Guests who decide this service is for them will shell out around $89 for a “digital detox” and provide their assigned sitter with their social media login information and a list of expectations for content. The social media sitting service will be somewhat tailored to the user’s unique sense of style with a mini-consultation to ensure that all of the glory of the fabulous location being visited will be captured and shared. Sitters reportedly are instructed to tag all posts with #postedbysocialmediasitter just to make it clear to your followers that care enough to share even though you’re off living the sweet life. #jealous

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