The Milk Tray man is back this Saturday but you won't believe what he's up to these days

CAST your mind back a few decades and what was the most iconic ad for chocolate on the TV?
It has to be the Milk Tray ads, complete with the sexy black-clad Milk Tray man.

Women all over the UK went weak at the knees for the sexy guy, who went to great lengths to ensure his lady love got her box of chocs.

The Milk Tray guy was a kind of James Bond who would do things like bail out of a crashing helicopter in order to get those sweet treats to his girl.

Well good news ladies, the Milk Tray man is back… but he's had a bit of a makeover.

These days he's played by firefighter Patrick McBride, and seeing as it's 50 years since the first ad things have moved on a bit.

This time around the action hero is still delivering the iconic purple box of chocs, but they're going to a Mongolian Yurt.

Yes, you did read that correctly.

The £3 million campaign, the latest in the saga that began in 1968, is set in the Altai Mountains over the Mongolian steppe and features flying sequences, a Mongolian tribe and stampeding yak.


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The full 90-second ad screens for the first time on Saturday during the ITV's X Factor live show.

Patrick landed the role ahead of 20,000 people last year, meaning he was only too ready to suit up in his black polo neck and be lusted over by ladies.

Patrick only "minimal" help from a stuntman for the flying scenes, and said: "I loved the whole experience of creating the advert, from hearing about the initial ideas to going to Mongolia and filming the ad itself."

Marketing manager Steve Rich enthused: "We're really excited to be bringing our new Milk Tray Man, Patrick McBride, onto screens nationwide for the first time with this new ad.

"He is the perfect example of the modern Milk Tray Man with his caring, daring and thoughtful personality.

"We look forward to seeing how audiences receive his debut performance and the campaign as a whole."


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