Tesco is selling a frozen Malteasers pavlova for £3 and it sounds incredible

IF you're a fan of Maltesers then you're going to love Tesco's latest offer – a Maltesers pavlova.

The yummy meringue shell is filled with malted cream mousse, decorated with chocolate sauce and topped with Maltesers.

Tesco is now selling the frozen dessert, which weighs 300g and serves six, for just £3.

But your family may need to go for brisk walk afterwards – the pavlova has a whopping 25.7g of sugar per serving.

And if that leaves you craving more sweet treats, then there are plenty on offer.

If you don't mind spending a little bit more, you can get a Banoffee Pie from Asda for £3.50.

For the same price, there's Sainsbury's New York Cheesecake with a creamy vanilla topping baked on a biscuit crumb base.

Or try Aldi for its Chocolate Celebration Cake for £3.99.

It's a tough call – we'll let you decide.

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