Ten classic toys from Barbie to Hot Wheels that could now be worth up to £2,110

BARBIE, Hot Wheels and Polly Pocket are just some of the classic childhood toys that are now worth a small fortune.

You might want to head into your loft and dust off your old toy box as we reveal how retro playthings can fetch you just under £2,110.

The most valuable old school toy based on its appreciation in value, according to new research by Liberty Games, has been named as Hot Wheel cars from 1968.

Costing 48p back in the day, the games room specialists found one car being sold on eBay with a “Buy it now” price of £434.36 – an increase of 90,625 per cent.

While it also saw a Barbie from 1959, originally worth £2.43, fetching £607.81 on the auction site – up by 24,867 per cent.

The next toy with the highest value increase was a Cabbage Patch Kids doll from 1978, which was first priced at £20.29, being sold for £2,109.88 – an increase of 10,300 per cent.

While these are just some examples of what these toys could sell for, there’s no guarantee you’ll make the same amount if you sell a similar product.

And if you're pricing your own toys on eBay, you're better off using sold prices as an indicator of what you can get as "buy it now" listings don't necessarily always sell.

It’s worth noting that rarer items, or ones that are limited edition, are often worth more.

Stuart Kerr, technical director at Liberty Games, said: “Many of the toys are still being sold today, with original Barbie dolls, Monopoly boards and Teenage Mutant Ninja dolls are worth up to thousands of pounds to collectors.

“If you’ve ever had one of these popular childhood toys it might be time to get in the attic and dig them out – you could make a substantial profit.”

Here we reveal the top ten toys, which have gone up most in price:

Hot Wheels (1968)

Original cost: 48p. Cost now: £434.36. Price increase: £433.88 (90,635 per cent)

They’re the miniature cars, first made in the 1960s, that kids still go wild for today.

One particular model from 1968 sold for £434.36 but we found another car, a limited edition Batmobile car from 1966, going for £599.99 on eBay.

Barbie (1959)

Original cost: £2.43. Cost now: £607.81. Price increase: £605.38 (24,867 per cent)

Barbie is somewhat of a childhood icon for most young boys and girls across the world.

Liberty Games found one selling for £607.81 but we spotted a 2009 Comme Des Garcons edition Barbie available to buy for £1,600 on eBay.

Cabbage Patch Kids (1978)

Original cost: £20.29. Cost now: £2,109.88. Price increase: £2,089.59 (10,300 per cent)

Cabbage Patch Kids are a line of soft dolls that were originally known as "The Little People" until their name change in 1982.

While one was found going for £2,109.88, the most expensive doll we could find was one from the 1980s selling at £175 on eBay.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures (1980)

Original cost: £4.86. Cost now: £350. Price increase: £345.13 (7,089 per cent)

Action figures of the heroes in a half shell now sell for hundreds of pounds on auction sites.

Liberty Games found Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures selling for £350 and we found a 1989 sewer playset going for £2,400 on eBay.

Rainbow Brite doll (1980)

Original cost: £5.68. Cost now: £385.18. Price increase: £379.50 (6,681 per cent)

Colourful Rainbow Brite dolls were first sold by Mattel in the US in the 1980s.

While one sold for £385.18, the highest price we found was a doll going for £250 on eBay.

Transformer action figures (1980)

Original cost: £16.23. Cost now: £850. Price increase: £833.77 (5,137 per cent)

If you have some old school action figures of the original robots in disguise lying around, they could be worth more than 5,000 per cent their original price.

Transformers were found to be selling for £850 and we found a 12 inch Optimus Prime figure selling for £2,500 on eBay.

Care bear dolls (1980)

Original cost: £1.62. Cost now: £81.09. Price increase: £79.47 (4,896 per cent)

They're the sweet little cuddly bears that have rainbows and sunshines on their bellies.

While one went for £79.47, the highest priced one we spotted on eBay was a Care Bear doll from 2015 selling for £33.

Monopoly (1933)

Original cost: £1.62. Cost now: £55.99 Price increase: £54.37 (3,350 per cent)

Monopoly is the classic board game that either brings families together or tears them apart through competitiveness.

If you have one of the first ever Monopoly board games, it could now be worth £55.99, although we found one D-Day edition board game selling for £879 on eBay.

Polly Pocket (1980)

Original cost: £12.17. Cost now: £349.99. Price increase: £337.82 (2,775 per cent)

Polly Pockets used to be tiny plastic dolls that you could spend hours playing with in their make believe towns, although they look a lot bigger nowadays.

Liberty Games found some Polly Pockets going for £349.99 but we found a vintage 1996 set selling for £1,999 on eBay.

GI Joe Breaker action figure (1982)

Original cost: £9.74 Cost now: £249.99 Price increase: £240.26 (2,467 per cent)

GI Joe has been transformed into a feature film star now but the original action figures are worth a small fortune.

One was selling for £249.99 but we saw a GI Joe crash truck set selling for £2,995 on eBay.

If you wondered why anyone would want to buy your old toys, millions of Brits are looking for retro goods they enjoyed as a kid because they "bring back special memories".

How many retro toys do YOU remember? Take a look back for ultimate nostalgic fun.

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