Tearful UberEats driver asks ‘how am I meant to survive’ after being tipped 84p

A crying UberEats driver has begged people to tip more after working for an hour and only to receiving an 84p tip from a single customer.

In an emotional video shared to TikTok, Smithson Michael @deliveryguy100, was in tears as he explained his struggle to make ends meet while working for delivery apps in the US such as Postmates and DoorDash.

Sitting in his car during a disappointing shift, he wipes a tear away and says: "I wish people knew what it was like to deliver Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash, all these companies.

"I just spent an hour driving around for $1.19 (84p) tip. I mean would it hurt y'all to tip us, throw us five dollars?

"I got a $1.19 tip and $2 from the app. What's that? That's not even enough to cover gas.

"How am I supposed to live like that? Homeless? I'm there."

The clip has been watched more than one million times on the video-sharing app and received 209,000 "likes" and thousands of comments, sparking a debate about tipping.

One person commented in support, writing: "I scream at people who order food through DoorDash and such DAILY but do not tip!! It is super weird and insulting."

"I always tip if I can and if I can't then I don't order," said a second.

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"OMG I'm so sorry," said a third sympathetic viewer.

But other people defended not giving money to drivers or said he should just get another job that didn't make him so dependent on gratuities.

Someone wrote: "I'm so sorry love. It's the system though… it's not the customers' fault."

"Why does the burden always fall on consumers instead of these corporations? I really don't get America's culture," someone else blasted.

Another person claimed that "these companies are exploiting [delivery workers] and they need to be regulated."

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