Tattoo model Amber Luke covers 98% of body in inkings – and she’s not done yet

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    An Australian woman spent years covering around 98% of her body in artwork – and it’s cost her more than £140,000.

    Amber Luke, 27, uses Instagram, where she’s garnered 36,500 followers, to show off her impressive tattoos and body modifications.

    The inked beauty is used to standing out from the crowd, so she doesn’t care what people think about her appearance.

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    She spoke to Daily Star about her favourite ink and the fact that she lied about not getting anymore body mods.

    And Amber claimed she plans on getting her eyes tattooed once again.

    “I always will face judgement for my image but that's the point,” she said.

    “I honestly did this for me and no one else but along my journey, I started to realise that this isn't just about me anymore.

    “It's about inspiring so many out there to let them know that different is beautiful and it is more than okay to be your true self, however, or whatever that may look like or be.”

    Amber was only 16 when she went for her first tattoo, getting three in one go.

    One was an upside-down cross on the inside of her wrist, on her left rib she got a script that reads "You can keep knocking but won't knock me down. No love lost – no love found".

    And on her right thigh she got ink with the words "Give them hell".

    “I don't know how many tattoos I have now, but I do know that I've spent over £140,000, and by far, the most painful tattoo I have experienced is definitely my eyeball tattoos,” she shared.

    “I have always been fascinated by the concept of your body being the one thing you truly own in this lifetime – I wanted to decorate mine exactly how I was proud of being.”

    Fortunately, all of Amber’s friends and family support her decision to get tattoos and body modifications.

    The 27-year-old says if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be in her life.

    Amber doesn’t regret any of her tattoos as each one was exactly what she wanted at the time.

    That being said, she transformed and revolutionised many of her tattoos into a concept she is proud of wearing today.

    While it’s difficult to choose out of all of the impressive work she’s had done, her eyeball tattoos are her favourite.

    And while people may think she’s finally done with tattoos, this is far from the case.

    “I did actually say a few years ago that in an interview I was not getting anymore body modifications done, but I lied,” she said.

    “I am undergoing a second eyeball tattoo procedure in the next two years and I plan for it to go as planned this time.

    “I have undergone immense research to make sure that my artist has strict training and an incredible reputation.”

    This comes after the last time Amber had her eyeballs tattooed left her temporarily blind.

    The influencer was left crying bright blue tears for two days as the op left her "completely incapable" of being independent.

    The torturous procedure had her endure four syringe injections into each of her eyeballs but now she knows that when it’s done correctly, it’s only supposed to be two injections.

    It’s safe to say she has learnt the importance of doing thorough research.

    Not only does Amber love tattoos on herself but she also loves them on others.

    “I think the sexiest thing about tattoos for men and women that we all share is confidence,” she said.

    “It gives you the sexy confidence that you feel like you can take on the world in the best possible way you feel like you can be who you truly are.”

    Amber will be at the Australian Tattoo Expo in Melbourne from December 2 to December 4.


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