‘Survivor: Winners At War’ Live Blog: The Final Players Battle It Out To Win $2 Million

The finale of ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ is here! One person will be crowned the Sole Survivor and winner of $2 million by the end of tonight’s groundbreaking episode.

Survivor: Winners at War comes to an end with the three-hour May 13 finale. Five former winners remain in the game: Denise Stapley, Tony Vlachos, Sarah Lacina, Michele Fitzgerald and Ben Driebergen. To kick off the episode, 14 players on the Edge of Extinction compete in a challenge for just ONE of them to get back in the game. The challenge is an obstacle course with different stages. With three advantages, Natalie Anderson starts off with a big lead against the other players, while Yul Kwon, Parvati Shallow and Wendell Holland each get a small head start thanks to one advantage each.

It comes down to a showdown between Natalie and Wendell, but Natalie pulls out the win and earns her spot back in the game. Considering she was the first person voted out, this is a huge deal. What the other players don’t know is that Natalie also used her fire tokens to purchase a hidden immunity idol on the Edge of Extinction, which gives her another leg up. Tony and Ben also have hidden immunity idols.

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