Surgery fanatic balances drinks on her 38J boobs as she vows to go sober

Model and surgery fanatic Mary Magdalene has vowed to go sober after some recent wild antics.

The heavily-modified OnlyFans star, who is known as having the "world's fattest vagina", hit headlines recently as she racked up an $CA 13,000 (£8,360) bill for 'trashing' an Airbnb rental.

However, it seems like she wants to put her partying ways behind her, according to her latest Instagram post.

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The influencer, from Canada, told her 144,000 followers that she thinks it's time to go sober.

She wrote: "My trips are wild as hell. I'm going home tomorrow, I am going back to sobriety."

Mary shared the caption over a photo of another room which had dirty towels and tissues draped across the floor as well as a series of stains.

The post came shortly after she was seen balancing a drink on her 38J boobs while relaxing in a pool.

The photo saw Mary, who was dressed in a skimpy green bikini, balance a glass on one boobs while a can of Red Bull rested on the other asset.

As well as her enormous chest, Mary also showed off her array of tattoos as she cooled down in the water.

Fans were impressed by her drinks display, as one exclaimed: "Girl, they double as shelves!"

While another joked: "Too big cupholders."

Mary launched a GoFundMe last week to help her pay her staggering Airbnb bill after she 'trashed' the rental.

The social media star, who was celebrating her 30th birthday in West Hollywood, was told to pay the £8,360 sum for cleaning and to replace items she destroyed.

She initially attempted to deny that she had wrecked the rental by posting her own receipts.

However, she later asked fans for donations to cover the bill.


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